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  • Why Opera takes so long to load the start up page, especially when "cold" starting. Is it because of the discovery?

  • Discovery does not load until you click the button. If you are loading up to your speed dial the only page it is trying to load is your speed dial.

    Can you post your system specs? Also, do you use the 'Continue where I left off' setting?

  • I have set Start Page to open at start. I have 18 speed dials.

    My PC specs are Athlon II X2 220 2.8 GHz - 4 GB. I have about 5 years old HP Desktop. Is this getting to be too old/low end for modern browsers?

  • I use Opera 12 for long time. This Opera Chromium seems to require more juice from the computer.

  • Athlon II X2 220

    Congrats, you CPU was released on September 21, 2010, it just turned 5 years old. Thats a decent run for a computer and you would be fully justified in replacing it for performance reasons. You could easily squeeze a year or two more out of it if you are willing to deal with the slow performance. You could also switch to a less demanding OS or just use less demanding applications. Really though I would start putting money aside every paycheck in order to buy a new one. Some of the other components are probably starting to wear out anyway. IF anything on it broke I would absolutely not waste money on repairing anything. Oh and make sure your next system has an SSD, it will greatly improve load times.

    This Opera Chromium seems to require more juice from the computer.

    Yeah, it does. It has a lot more back end features than the old Opera and does need snappier hardware if you want it to load quickly.

  • Thanks for the answers! I could pretty easily buy a new PC with payments. I really should consider it, and for some degree, already have. About a year ago, i needed to my use about 11 years old "back up" desktop with DURON 1.6 CPU for couple of days. The internet was barerly usable with it. The internet has changed quite a bit since then, even regular sites.

    Thanks for the SSD tip!

  • This current PC is still quite decent, even for watching HD videos. I could still use this for some time, but new one wouldn't be bad. I'm do not play games, except NHL09 sometimes.