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  • Hi there, new to Opera coz of freezing problems in FF and Chrome. Possibly coz I like to keep multiple tabs open 🙂 I have apparently successfully imported my bookmarks from Chrome; but now I can't see how to open them so they all display, ie multiple tabs open. Chrome is nice coz you can see all your tabs and if you mouseover one it will indicate the URL. But as I say, sick of Chrome constantly having "unresponsive pages" and then crashing. So pse help me to open all my tabs in Opera. Tks in advance 🙂

  • So, you want to open all of your bookmarks at once? Go to the Bookmarks manager (Ctrl+Shift+B), right click the folder containing your bookmarks and click 'Open all in new tabs'. You can do this with any folder inside the manager. You can also select multiple bookmarks, right click them and do the same thing. It depends on your system specs and connection speed but I've opened upwards of 250 bookmarks at a once without it crashing Opera or causing problems with the pages themsleves.

  • Hi Lando, tks for the help. I think I muddied the waters a bit by talking about bookmarks; what I really want to do is to open the tabs that are currently open in CHROME, and with one click (hopefully!) import them - boom - into OPERA. I did what you said above but realised as all the pages were loading that these weren't the pages I wanted open in Opera. Bookmarks are fine, but I really want my current tabs (50+ of them) now open in Chrome, to instantaneously open in Opera. I remember how easy this process was when I migrated from FF to Chrome. There is hopefully the same functionality in Opera! Tks.

  • I guess it can't be done......... so I imported them manually! Here's hoping Opera is more stable than Chrome. Tks.

  • You say tabs, you mean webpages that are currently open in Chrome but not saved as bookmarks? Simple. Right click a tab in Chrome, click 'Bookmark all tabs', then import the bookmarks from Opera (Opera Settings > Import bookmarks and settings).