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  • What is happening with modern software?
    Why is opera forcing me to update that freaking useless flash player?
    Why that flash-update flag is missing in latest 32.0.1948.25?

  • Mostly because Adobe Flash has huge security holes in it and Adobe likes to fix one or two here and there and push out updates every few weeks. Flash has become such a huge security concern that most web browsers nag you incessantly about keeping it up-to-date because it is one of the largest reasons why peoples web browsers become infected with malware. That is also why many companies are doing their best to kill Flash and replace it with HTML5. Hopefully that will happen soon and then you wont have to bother with that garbage at all.

  • Till that time I want my warn-flash-update-needed disable flag back!

  • Well, Opera and Google are pretty hellbent on killing Flash so its probably not gonna happen.

  • what to do then?
    since some sites [espn etc.]wouldn't play video unless you update. but when i try to update it would tell me to uninstall something [wasn't specified], i presume flash 15, so i disable it. i don't have any adobe flash installed other than the opera plug-in that comes with opera itself.

  • ps

    i wasn't able to update it. is what i meant.

  • Opera does not come with Adobe Flash. Flash is installed on your system like any other application. If you are using a modern version of Windows open up Programs and Features and find it in the list of programs. Uninstall it, download a fresh copy from Adobe's website (make sure it is the PPAPI version) and install it. Version 19 is the current release for Opera. If you are running 15 you are very out of date. When it installs consider letting it check for updates itself, because the version you are running last say an update almost a year ago.

  • but i did check change/remove programs and there is no adobe flash there. there is however an adobe flash 15 when i go opera menu > developer > plug-ins , i have no idea where is that located though in my drive.

  • i've located it and remove it already.

    many thanks.

  • it shuts off even the beta version. auto play sure that doesn't work but say i'm on facebook. now the gifs don't work. I hit play and it doesn't play says it's a gif but have to hit the gif to enable the play and 2 plays stuck on top of each other creates a play loop question. Same thing with (18 + variant) I hit submit and often it just hangs forever. Have to use Opera 12 in order to use my Router now. can't use Router with Opera 32. Most sites I'm going to now say connection refused. Guess Opera 12 better be Opera 13 soon.

  • Well, I've found simple and elegant solution.
    there is a file in C:\Windows\SysWOW64\Macromed\Flash folder, named "manifest.json"
    open it, change your version (mine was "", to something like "" and that will make your outdated plugin running 🙂

    ps. use it on your own risk, as outdated flash player could possibly infect your PC (yet that never happened it my 15 years Microsoft MVP career)