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Opera 32 - Add pages and web apps to your home screen

  • We are happy to announce that we have just released Opera 32. This latest version of Opera for Android is full of new features and improvements, so let's get started.

    In the new version, you can add all of your favorite web apps and sites to the home screen of your Android device. To read more about it, check out .

    We also improved the sync experience. This time around, we introduced a way to sync your typed history across devices.

    In addition, we added a new way to refresh. Simply drag down the top of the page.

    This release includes the following changes:

    • Add to home screen functionality
    • Synced typed history
    • The "pull to refresh" gesture
    • A new pulsing animation for the progress bar
    • High resolution images in the Discover feature
    • A Chromium upgrade to version 45
    • Various UI, stability and usability improvements

    The update has been pushed to Google Play and should be available very soon. Please download Opera 32 for Android and leave us your feedback. We hope you like it!

  • We just pushed an update for Opera 32 that fixes some stability issues and tweaks the new Add to Home feature. It should be available in Google Play shortly.

  • When I leave a page open and screen goes off after a timeout, once I come back by waking the screen up the "oops" cat screen is shown. I tried in both Turbo On and Off modes, but the same problem. Any solution...
    Not happening with other browsers...

  • again, the scroll to top/bottom function is missing.......why? why? why?

  • @evilmonk...

    Android Settings > Developer Options > Animation Duration Scale 1x

  • I dont't think that the animation option has anything to do with this.
    I always switched off animations int the developer menu, and there was no problem with the scrolling button.

    I tried it but turning it on has no effect on the missing function.

    Looks like they managed to solve the remember password bug (took nearly just a year) but there is always something annoying in every update.

  • Updated today, I notice substantial lag on the speed dials, over 70, all was fine in the previous build.

    Minor lag when browsing while page is loading, tablet view and desktop enabled.
    I take it performance issues will be 5

    Scroll to top and bottom arrow is there if that's what you ment

  • I added to the home screen and from there I can only open it in app mode -whatever that is. The only difference I see is that it misses an address bar, so I can't navigate any further.

  • @evilmonk...
    Android Settings > Developer Options > Animation Duration Scale 1x

    I have to admit that you were right...
    But this is still an issue, i never used to enable animations in the developer menu to have a better performance, yet the scroll button remained on its place.

    In opera mini, the scroll to top/botton button is visible only if the Extreme-compression mode is active.
    If you switch to the "normal compression" mode (blue coloured) than the scroll button dissapeares.

  • Any way to block ADS in Opera?

  • Any way to block ADS in Opera?

    No option, I take it you haven't rooted the device as you can just modify the host file to block it or use adblock plus, using opera turbo will display the ads since its going through their proxy.

    I noticed I'm having issues with the scroll button to scroll to the top or bottom, it has no effect 90% of the time,
    Also not working on my tablet, animations setting in dev options makes no difference,

  • Try Adguard. Via vpn on non rooted device.

  • Try Adguard. Via vpn on non rooted device.

    Adguard is 'free' only via WiFi connection, anyway doesn't work with 3g in my case. Premium pack got a wide application, they say...

  • adguard is free over 3/4g too, but only if you use VPN mode.