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  • Hey,

    the last couple of weeks i often experienced, that after clearing the browser data (and yes, I waited until it was finished, which often takes ~20 seconds or more) and closing the browser, the next time I start opera it does not start with the speed dial as usual, but with a page i visited before.

    for a better understanding:

    1. i browse website A, B and C
    2. i close all tabs
    3. i clear the browser history (all things are checked except for "delete passwords")
    4. i close the settings-tab and the browser
    5. i re-open opera
    6. opera loads website B instead of the speed-dial, although it should already have forgotten about website B

    has anybody else already had this problem? any known fixes for this?

    lots of regards and have a nice monday, everyone

    oh, and PS: after clearing the browser data (again, everything checked except for "delete passwords"), opera still autofills the address-bar if i visited the page BEFORE deleting the browser data. it shows the name of the supposed-to-be-forgotten-website for ~1 second before "remembering" that it should have been deleted.

  • Anyone?

    Today, after opening Opera, it even loaded a page that i visited before closing all tabs and deleting the browser data TWICE

  • This issue is odd - looks like your profile is somehow preserved (maybe for some odd reason there are insufficient rights to modify the profile folder).

    Could you please do the following:

    1. go to opera:about

    2. check the paths where your cache and profile is stored (assuming you are on Windows, these would probably: C:\Users{user}\AppData\Local\Opera Software\Opera Stable and C:\Users{user}\AppData\Roaming\Opera Software\Opera Stable respectively; I'm not sure about Mac or Linux)

    3. close Opera

    4. go to the folders - you can remove the whole "Opera Stable" cache folder but if you want to have your profile preserved for future use, just rename "Opera Stable" profile to anything you want

    5. restart Opera

    Your Opera should now restart with a completely clean profile. Please browse a while, close, restart again and check if it solved your issue.