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Opera speed issues

  • So, for some time now, I'be been having a ton of performance issues.
    For instance, some sites take several minutes to load, while I do the same on Chrome (tho Chrome is a tad too heavy for 4GB of RAM, especially with 5-6 tabs open) and it opens it quickly.
    And even more recently, for instance -> on youtube, when I'm trying to post something, or look for a song on it, or just go through my favorites, it stutters like crazy. Letters pop in after several seconds, the scrolling is sluggish, and responds only after a few seconds.

    The only things I've changed from the default is the ABP. Actually, it's disabled on most sites.
    I've cleaned it several times - cache, cookies, history etc. and it remained slow.

    I doubt it's hardware-wise. My PC isn't some uber gaming PC that costs 3$k, but it has:
    -Athlon II x4 600e
    -GTX 650
    -4GB of RAM
    -Several HDDs
    Temps are good. Task manager shows nothing out of the ordinary - CPU usage stays around 25%, while RAM is ~75% (with some other stuff in the background). Hard drive isn't loaded at all. 2 SSDs (120/80GB) + 1TB WD Enterprise SE.

  • You haven't told us what version of Opera you are using.

  • Oh, sorry.

    It's Opera 32.

  • Discovered the issue, at least for youtube.
    The subscriptions container thing is throttling.
    The fix, some time ago would be changing site preference (#guide-subscriptions-container {display: none;}), but now as opera doesn't let me change that for some retarded reason, what to do?

  • Same issue here. Netflix is broken. Youtube is broken. Speedruntv is broken.

  • Opera Chromium seem to be heavier browser than for example Opera 12 and Firefox. It uses more CPU when watching videos etc.

  • Yeah, but it only happens in opera.
    Opera is iirc Chrome-based browser, and chrome works perfectly fine (tho i can't use multiple tabs on it, eats RAM alive)

  • ... it only happens in opera. Opera is iirc Chrome-based browser, and chrome works perfectly fine (tho i can't use multiple tabs on it, eats RAM alive)

    Both Opera and Chrome are based on Chrome's Blink rendering engine. But in Opera, between that engine and the user lies a user interface layer and overall browser integration techniques that reflect Opera's way of implementing various features and user controls, differing from what exists in Chrome's own implementation. The browsers perform and operate differently because they are different in many ways, apart from their shared code, as you and others have observed. Those differences can and do cut both ways. Obviously, from different user standpoints, both Opera and Chrome have differing areas needing improvement. The question is whether their respective design teams view those needs the same way as the user, at least in terms of expending designer resources in those directions as compared with other possible areas.

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