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Thanks Opera for Everything

  • My first me with Opera was in 2012 when I met the old Opera Mini for Android. Then I tested the old Opera for Windows but I didn't like it. One year later I met the new Opera which I loved it. It was an amazing browser. I used from 18 to 31 version. The browser is amazing with wonderful features. However few weeks ago, I rediscovered Firefox, and now I am using since it is better is some features than Opera. I will be deleting this account because I won't use it anymore. I will keep reading the Opera blogs. Opera gave me a great experience browsering, but I have to move on. Thanks Opera for Everything.

    Opera will always be my second browser of choice.

  • A couple of months ago, I'd asked to be able to sync more than bookmarks and the feature is now in the beta version. I do not know if it is also in the stable build. I'd actually opened the forum to make a 'thank you' thread but I'll just add my post to your post.

    I used to use Opera back when we had to pay for it. That was quite a while ago and it was worth every penny. They brought us gestures, tabs, and more - before the other browsers even thought of it. Opera was, and is, the leader in ingenuity where the browser market is concerned.

    I do hope that they'll add extension syncing in the near future. I've peeked at the code and I'm not sure if they'll be able to sync the extension settings or not. However, just syncing them would save a lot of time as I, for one, flit between distros like a loose girl at a high school dance flits between partners. (Yes, I'm an OS whore. But I take my Opera with me every chance I get.

    I usually open Firefox, it's default in pretty much every distro, long enough to grab Opera if the copy on the local network isn't new enough. The browser is free so, today, I just advocate for it in a number of browser threads on sites like Slashdot - and there have been some converts and some who returned to see what good has happened. With Opera being both Open Source and Awesome Sauce my life is pretty good. Or at least marginally better.

    The ability to sync extensions, and maybe their individual settings, would be Nirvana. This old man would break a hip dancing in joy. However, for those who are unaware, getting the additional sync functions working in just a couple of months is probably a Herculean feat on a project this size. I am impressed and have not had it fail me yet - I'll be relying on it as soon as a hard drive gets partitioned in a few minutes.

    So, yes. Thank you Opera dev team and folks. You are every bit as good as I thought you were. People don't post their gratitude enough so a hearty thanks goes out to Sidney who started this thread. Most people only submit comments when things are not going well.

    Finally, without spamming of course, tell your friends and relatives. If you are a part of a forum that discusses things like tech then tell them (when it's an appropriate subject) that you're a happy fan of Opera. Share the wealth and Opera makes some money from searches and stuff. The more users they have the more money they make. The more money the make the longer they'll be in business creating good software.

    Thanks again dev team. You continually impress at least two of us. And thanks for starting this thread - I'm glad I saw it instead of posting my own.

  • I can see no point in deleting accounts. It's like you shoot yourself when you don't feel well.

  • Thank you, kgiii. Josh, the point is I don't use Opera any more because I don't like Chromium. So I don't see any reason to keep this account.

  • No problem. I figured I saw your post so I'd throw on my post as an alternative view. I was going to type it out anyway. Ah well, now to figure out if this is a better hotel than the last one.

  • Sidney!
    As you were!

  • I made a terrible mistake leaving Opera, now it is better than when I left!

  • Opera was my main browser in last a few years. When I switched to Chrome, mainly for its extraordinary rich of apps, found it a bit hard to go back

  • I also switched after using it for 10 years to Vivaldi, Opera just became crap after switching to chrome engine, they removed all the features and never brought back old features, like drop down history in address bar, mail client and content blocking.

  • Opera is not crap but you, saudiqbal, are a troll.