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  • I just want to inform you wize guys that after long years of being a strong supporter of Opera you finally managed to loose me. Forever.

    The reasons being:

    a) Until Version 30 I had a Speed Dial in the way I like it: With tiles showing me - though very small, but nevertheless very convenient - the contents of the sites they represent. And easily to be updated with a right mouse click. After the upgrade to version 31 this most acceptable, comfortable feature vanished. Irreparably. Since that upgrade I only see some ugly tiles with titles, and there's no way of changing this behaviour. And weren't this bad enough, you with the installation also mucked about the configuration files (needless to say that you never asked for my approval), to the effect that the worsening of the speed dial persisted even after I downgraded to Version 30 again. I then reversed the downgrade and learned to live with that bad excuse for a speed dial.

    b) Today I upgraded to the new version 32. Not only didn't you change the speed dial behaviour (something I was hoping you would), you also managed to completely destroy my carefully collected library of several hundred, maybe even over 1000 RSS feeds. It's gone, completely gone, irretrievably gone.

    You, my dear Opera devs, are by far the most incompetent, ignorant and self-centered bunch I ever met!

    That's the end of almost 10 years of friendship. You will never hear of me again, and hopefully neither shall I from you.

    Good day!

  • suing it since 1991, I gave up when they dismissed Presto!

  • So why not stay with an older version? The obsession some have to upgrade, upgrade, etc. and then when they are unhappy they complain. Get over it. I give a try to new software versions but when they are not for me I go back to what is - right now using 12.16.

  • I agree. Opera sucks balls. Fuck off and die!