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  • My Opera 31 performs quite poorly in this test. The result with 31 is about 28sec. With Opera 12.17 and the latest Firefox the time is around 18sec. So 10 seconds differense there.

  • 19416 ms for me, so I guess it varies quite a lot based on things like connection speed or whatever. I also had a ton of windows and tabs open in Opera during the test, all already loaded up though.

    Chrome with one tab came in at 19504 ms, so less than a 10th of a seconds difference. A bone stock version of IE 11 (which I almost never use) came in at 8021 ms but completely failed to load about 80% of the images. I retried the test several times and got the same result each time. Vivaldi came in at 17569 ms but also had a higher failrate than all the other browsers except IE. It failed to load about 30% of the images.

  • Ok. Yes, first of all all the images should be able to load. I had the same problem with IE 11. I'm just wondering slow time with my Opera?

  • Well, different web browsers do better at different things. The new Opera shares a codebase with Chrome and their performance is about equal. So there doesn't appear to be anything 'wrong' with it. Opera 12 and before were built on the old Presto renderer. Its not surprising that their performance differs from Chromium browsers. I can't speak about Firefox because I haven't used it since about the mid 2000's. Vivaldi is also Chromium based but is still in a tech preview, so that explains the issues it is having.

  • I currently have 24Mbit/s DLS connection. (50Mbit is possible). So my connection is pretty fast, even though not super fast by any meens. I think Opera Chromium should perform better on that max connections test. But i also think Chromium requires more powerful computer. Mine is about 5 years old HP desktop. This Opera 31 still works fine, but it's heavier on YouTube videos etc. Heavier than Opera 12 or Firefox. That connection test (with Chromium) also might require more computer power.

  • Noticed that Opera 12 and Firefox loads those images from domains in very random order, where Opera Chromium loads then pretty much in order (a row after a row). But i don't know if that has anything to do with the speed.

  • If the browser has too high values for "max connections per server" and "max total connections" all images are not able load. Higher is not always better. But i guess those settings are also somewhat system specifics.