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ALL audio from Opera is stuttering

  • Up until a few weeks ago, I never had this problem, but ever since upgrading to Windows 10 I haven't been able to watch YouTube videos, listen to songs on things like SoundCloud, or even click on anything that makes any kind of a noise without it being jittery and stuttering. SD video tends to be alright, unless I open another tab, or scroll down the page, or do anything at all, and HD is right out. CPU usage also seems to shoot higher than it should at times, but I haven't actually been keeping a super close eye on that.

    The thing is, though, that it's only when it's coming from Opera. Like, I'm able to listen to music in Chrome while I browse with Opera and it runs fine. I've tried disabling/re-enabling Flash, hardware acceleration, and all of my browser extensions and nothing works. I'm running the latest version of Opera (31.0 while I'm writing this) on Windows 10, but so is my friend, who's having no problems whatsoever.

    Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me.

  • I have the same problem since this morning. Worked fine last night, but now YouTube and Vodlocker (and a few others I tried) have a stuttering sound, like an FM station that can't stay in place (loud,soft,loud,soft). Thinking my speakers were dead I tried CD+DVD, but they work just fine, also no sound issues with IE and Firefox.

    I have Opera version 32.0.1948.25 installed, though I don't know when the latest version was updated, because it's done automatically (so don't know if it was done somewhere between last night and this morning).

    I work with Windows Vista (I know, I know, ... deep sigh) but since 2 other browsers work just fine, I do have the feeling it's Opera related. 🙂

    Afterthought: I did however update DIVX this morning, so maybe it's related to that?

    Any ideas, any help would be appreciated...

  • Thanks a lot for the reports. They look similar, but may differ:

    @crabadonk: The most current Opera version is 32.0 - does it still happen there?

    @syliris: the playback on Vista at the moment is supported only by plugins. Which plugin is being used on your system?

    Also, it would be most helpful if you could use the Opera bug report wizard:

    That way we are sure that the issues will get the necessary support. Thank you once again.

  • Didn't realize there was an update -- I just installed it and everything's working fine! Thanks so much for pointing that out to me, I'd have been totally lost if you hadn't!