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  • When I started out this morning, there was a little envelope icon in the bar (I presume it is called the address bar). When I clicked on it a small screen appeared asking for my email address. I didn't enter it then (probably should have).
    Now the envelope icon has disappeared and I can't find any reference to email or sharing in Opera's unhelpful Help. Can someone tell me what is going on? Firefox has an entry under "File" that allows users to send a url via email just by clicking on that entry. It looked like Opera had a similar feature via the little envelope icon. Can someone tell me what is going on? Thanks.

  • What version of Opera are you running? What extensions do you have installed?

  • Version 31.0 Just Ghostery

  • I figured it out - just install an add-on called "MailTo". Don't know why the envelope icon appeared and disappeared. I did not have the add-on installed when that happened.

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