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  • Hello- I am new here. I have been using Opera for about a year now. I was looking for a Chromium browser that had the features of the old Google Chrome. Since Chrome got rid of the Thumbnails in New tab page, we needed a change.
    We are having issues with Broken Images on the social media platforms, especially Facebook, and other sites we browse to.
    We don't have this issue with Chrome or IE. This all started about 4-6 weeks ago.
    We have uninstalled and reinstalled Opera 3 times trying to work around this. The only extension we were using is Ad Block, so we got rid of that and now use Adguard, but still get a few broken images. Our version of Opera is 31.0.1889.174, the machine is Windows 7 Professional SP1 x64 based, and is a relatively new build.
    Could someone here please offer some help and advice?... It would be greatly appreciated, as we truly like the architecture of the Opera browser.

  • I'm using same Opera version, on windows 7 also. getting broken images as well, particularly on Yahoo pages

  • Well, the only extension I was using was Adblock. So, I completely removed Opera and user data from my computer using Revo Uninstaller Free, which gets rid of the Registry entries, too. Did a fresh install of Opera 31 (latest variant) and changed ad protection to Adguard in Opera Extensions. So far, I haven't had any broken image issues.
    In summation, I don't know if the Adblock was doing it, or something was corrupt in the Opera install. 'indobson', I don't know if you're using an ad blocker or not. If not, try uninstalling Opera using Revo Uninstaller Free, deleting the DATA as well, then do a fresh install. Here's a link for Revo, if you don't have it already:

  • same problem i, broken images especially on facebook and yahoo

  • Had already tried revo/fresh install before I posted. It decreased the occurrence but still happens every now and then

  • Do you happen to have Opera Turbo enabled? If so, turn it off and see if that corrects the problem.

  • No, Turbo is not enabled... new issue now- on Facebook, if I move the cursor around the screen, it breaks blocks of graphic content out and breaks the display up. Log out, log back in and Opera crashes. Seems to only happen on Facebook, and this has just happened once. I uninstalled the mouse driver/reinstalled, ran a quick scan with my AV prog, went and pulled up the scan log in C:/Users/(username)/Application Data/AVAST Software/Avast/log/avastium and there were a bunch of Chromium Code Errors.
    Not sure what to do about that, and don't really feel like going on a code deciphering mission at the moment.

  • Mouse wouldn't be the problem. Sounds like a graphics card issue. Try turning hardware acceleration off.

  • We did turn hardware acceleration off. We don't have a graphics card- we're running Intel HD 4600 integrated graphics and the driver is up to date. Yet again, the Facebook broken images are coming back.

  • I have also noticed broken images on some pages.

  • Addition to the post above: It's not due ad-blocking. Opera 32 and Windows 7.