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Opera Mini 11 for Android

  • Hi all,

    Today, we released Opera Mini 11 for Android, which introduces a new savings mode. In addition to the traditional extreme savings mode we have introduced a new high savings mode. The high savings mode gives you a full web experience, while still offering great data savings. To enable the high savings mode, just tap the main menu, select Savings mode and choose High.

    We’ve also made some nice improvements to the user interface. We have made it a bit easier for you to find your bookmarks and saved pages. Instead of having them mixed in with Speed Dial, there are now two fixed entries above the Speed Dial. The saved pages are now also listed in a full screen list that shows both the name and the address of the saved page.

    The tab gallery is another thing that has gotten a well deserved facelift. It now shows bigger thumbnails, and it has a clear separation between private and normal tabs, so it’s easier to find any open private tabs.

    Please give Opera Mini a spin and leave a comment with any feedback you may have for us.

    You can get Opera Mini for Android here:


    2015-09-28 Edit: We did a small update of Opera Mini 11 today that fixes a few crashers and image rendering problems on Twitter in extreme mode.

  • why opera mini dont block ads? i use adaway and it work with other browsers but not with opera mini.

  • @samuraj-jones it seems like AdAway doesn't work together with proxy browsers. Opera Mini is also a proxy browser since all traffic in Opera Mini is passed trough the Opera Mini servers in order to greatly compresses the traffic and give you great data savings.

  • Hello,
    Just installed this today and have noticed the cookie information problem like the beta was having. This is not saving login/site preference information from session-session.

    Will file problem/case if able.

  • Having Downloading Problem only in Extreme Saving Mode. But in High/Turbo Mode it is full ok. Always I've to use Extreme Saving Mode. Though Opera Mini has download improvement now But in this Extreme Saving mode Opera Mini can't able to download over 15 MB files from so many http & https (both) website. But now the Opera Mini can able to download the same following file in the High/Turbo Mode. But it is very necessary to download the same following file in Extreme Mode. Please fix this Download problem in Extreme Mode.

  • HELLO barsk sir
    thanks for releasing opera 11 for android installed have few queries pl answer

    has book mark issue finally solved as duplication of book mark use to take place pl update us

    1. I have noticed one thing in android forked version the opera mini does not show facebook notification feature in setting why sir? I have nokia xl which has forked version of andriod 4.1

    2. I welcome new book mark separate folder on top and also it is fast

    pl answer my 2 main question I have asked u sir would be thankful

  • @samuraj-jones it seems like AdAway doesn't work together with proxy browsers. Opera Mini is also a proxy browser since all traffic in Opera Mini is passed trough the Opera Mini servers in order to greatly compresses the traffic and give you great data savings.

    it will be better when be no ads which take lot of MB from data transfer.

  • @navend Google Play services is necessary to get facebook push notification since its carried out by GCM-Google Cloud Messaging

  • I use the Opera Mini for Android and trouble finding a saved page. How do I keep pages in alphabetical order.

  • @bamba Currently you cannot sort it,until opera introduces such a feature,currently it get saved in the order you do, first saved page can be found at the bottom of saved page folder.

  • It is very necessary to save any web page sorting as Alphabetically. Because Now saved pages are messed up & hardly to find following saved page.

  • High mode doesn't work on my phone... 😞

  • Sometimes in High Savings Mode can't load webpages & show loading continuously but can not able to load that following webpage. But after restart Opera Mini it works again. I faced the problem frequently.

  • very nice,
    thanks opera mini team,
    but high mode not working for me.

  • It fails to connect internet in extreme saving mode, it doesn't open any website. Many users have this problem.

  • I have problem in High Saving Mode. When goto facebook & check my profile sometime it takes too much time to load the webpage & sometimes can't load the page and do continuously loading and failed to load the following page.

  • After I Update to version 11, I can not save the page as in version 7.6.4. How do I sort saved pages in accordance with the alphabetical order, it looks like that this sort the date, please have the option selection of sorting saved pages

  • single column view is invalid and it is enraging. I'm on wvga phone and always go portrait. the loaded page seems got landscape width instead of portrait. and cannot do zoom whatsoever. need proof ? try open this gadget site :

    it also occur in most mobile site. please fix.

  • I'm having problems with Opera Mini on my work WIFI.
    I can't access HTTP sites, only HTTPS.
    With others browsers I don't have this problem.
    I'm using Motorola XT918 with Android 4.4.

  • download to external sd card not possible

    When I select any external place the Button "Ordner wählen" (select Folder) is disabled

    Other Apps like QuickPic can write to the external card.
    The App TotalCommander needed an Update and works now.

    My Smartphone BQ Aquarius M4.5 Buildnumber 1.2.0-20150907-2010
    Lollipop 5.1
    Opera Mini 11.0.1912.95711

    Greetings from Cologne