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  • Dave, it IS an old browser - be gentle to it.
    For one, I don't usually run two players WHEREVER at the same time, try not to overload my 11 with stuff/tabs (if a site doesn't load normally/fully, I shut it down before proceeding further anywhere in other tabs), I close a demanding site entirely - not browse further - before I open another demanding site, etc.
    Be gentle to it, your good old Aunt Presta*:)*

  • The New York Post site seems to be fine in 12.17 here, at least the home page is.
    I don't think there's anything sinister going on here, I'm sure it's plugin problems, as it always has been in the past.
    I will try temporarily disabling the Flash plugin and see if the sudden shutdowns stop, that's the number one suspect.

    I deleted the PPAPI and it hasn't closed itself recently. I guess I had it installed for new opera as well. So if that fixed the closing problem then I will just leave it like that, I really don't need new opera I will just open sites in IE if I need to.

    Still having problems with some sites including this forum site ironically, not responding but for a second. But generally more stable and using less resources

  • Spoke too soon. Unfortunately still closing itself occasionally

  • Oh dear, that's a shame I was hoping that might be the answer!
    If 12.17 cannot even see PPAPI plugins, maybe that was clutching at straws a bit.
    It could be just an issue with the current version of the Flash NPAPI plugin, this has happened in the past and it's sorted itself out eventually.

  • Well, I'm now certain it's the Flash player plugin causing the problem.
    I was watching a YouTube video yesterday, and tried to scroll it forward.
    I saw an exclamation mark appear for an instant in the viewer window and the browser then shut down.
    I'm using the debug version of the Flash plugin, I will switch to the normal version and see if it still happens.

  • I've now updated the Flash plugin to version, and (touch wood!) I've had no sudden shutdowns since then.
    Looks as if it was the last version of Flash 18 that was causing the problem.

  • I've now updated the Flash plugin to version, and (touch wood!) I've had no sudden shutdowns since then.
    Looks as if it was the last version of Flash 18 that was causing the problem.

    I will give it a try then.

  • Happy to say my old opera is back. I deleted profile and still had problems with page loading,etc, so I played around and ended up uninstalling adblock for opera and switched to the one called no ads.

    This does not slow down opera. Tested it by reinstalling adblock to see if the problems returned and they did

  • Strange, because I have AdBlock (not AdBlock+) installed and it doesn't seem to be causing any problems for me.
    Also I've had no more sudden shutdowns since I updated the Flash Player plugin.

  • I am thinking its better to just use no adblocker at all, with the potential performance issues to me makes the benefits negligible. Only thing that I really need blocked is the ads inside youtube videos.

  • One thing bugs me is how badly opera 12 handles heavy sites like yahoo, cnn, etc. It just seems to be constantly get bogged down loading stuff which affects scrolling while this is going on.

  • Unfortunately it has to be accepted by us die-hard Opera 12 users that this problem will only get worse.
    Opera 12 was just not designed for the sort of sites that are around today with huge javascript routines.
    Whether if it was still in support it would have been possible to make the Presto engine able to cope with them sadly we'll now never know.

    I still smile when the "upgrade" popup notice appears (I know I can switch it off, but I haven't yet) and I read what it says.
    "Find something unexpected with our newest generation of browsers. We've added great new features that give you more speed, better desktop organisation and customisation options."
    "Better customisation options"?
    Don't make me laugh!

  • You can cuss to misation whenever you like!😉

  • Strange happenings: So sometimes use my old palm pre phone as an hotspot. It is a 3g phone but when I visit the sames sites on the same machine using the same install of opera 12 the "heavy" sites like news sites load properly and not getting bogged down loading stuff. On my super duper comcast wifi at home it is back to the same annoying behavior.

    So any ideas what could be the problem? The modem/router, dns server?

  • Big thread bump I know, but my Opera 12.17 has been suddenly closing again for the last few weeks.
    I'm on the latest Flash Plugin, but the problem has been there again for a few versions now.
    I've tried reverting back to, which was the version that fixed it before, but it's still suddenly closing all the time, always after I've visited a site with Flash content, but not immediately after, at some undetermined time later.
    Sometimes it will even crash while minimised with no tabs open, ages after I last used it. I go to use it and the "Opera has crashed" box is there.
    Very annoying!

  • OK, the thread didn't bump, I guess it's been set to die!

  • It's a mystery problem. Sometime just starting to scroll crashes it. Sometimes I leave opera open and come back its closed asking if to report problem. Then other times runs for a long time. Luckily hardly happens when I a doing something critical.

    Still not switching anytime soon tho

  • No, me neither!