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  • After many many years of using Opera, I am not deleting it on my computers.
    There has been some trouble from time to time over the years, but all in all, the browser has worked well, and any issues have been fixed quickly.
    However, lately I have been experiencing so many issues that I can no longer see the point of using this browser. I can not see videos on certain websites. I can not log in to places as I never get the login window, and several other issues that are so frequent that I now spend too much time resolving issues in stead of browsing. If I try the same action in any other browser, I have no problems. The fact that the functionality of exporting bookmarks is removed is beyond me. I am aware of the extension, but I really think this functionality should be a part of the browser itself.
    I find it sad, as I really like a lot about the Opera browser, like the speed dial. The fact that we have grown up together also adds a sentimental value, but I cannot be sentimental when I need to be efficient.
    So long Opera, I'll miss my speed dial.

  • We don't care. Maybe your mom is interested in your sob stories but we don't need them here. Especially from someone who didn't even have an account on this forum before today.

  • Who are those we, Lando?

    Bnxlink, it's good that you are <q>not deleting</q> Opera from your computer*;)*

  • Don't include me in your 'we don't care'. However your sentiment is frequently my perception of the Opera team's view.

  • I am having the same problem with Opera and W10. Videos work fine with Chrome!