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Opera opens a new window with white page on its own - then closes it again

  • I notice the following weird behavior on my Windows machine:

    Every now and then Opera opens a new window with just blank white content, then after a second or so the window closes again.
    Is there a way to find out what triggers this?


    1. When does it do it? When the browser is running or when it supposedly is not?
    2. Have you checked your system for malware?

    Ah, I might get it: "a new window" means when running.
    Then what are your extensions? Some ad-blockers?
    When does it do it still? When you do something like watching/playing? When certain sites/pages are open?

    What's your browser version, you didn't tell?

  • Hi Joshl,

    Thanks for the feedback.

    It does then every now and then. Sometimes when Opera is already open and in the background and sometimes when I'm just browsing a web page. It doesn't need an action from me. I haven't found a way to trigger it myself. However, I don't know if it ever happened when I have no tabs open at all. So it could come from a page running JavaScript or so.

    I am always using the latest stable release (31.0.1889.174 at the moment). I'm running Windows 7.
    I have Adguard and Ghostery installed.

  • Well, you might try the following.

    First, how many tabs do you usually have open?
    If not too much, it'll be easier.

    Open your usual tabs and do whatever you want - except that do not browse much, especially try not to click external links on your open pages.
    The idea is when that happens - to immediately check your browsing history on account of some weird or alien URLs/pages, that including such pertaining to your currently open sites but that you definitely didn't click to yourself.
    You say it happens when the browser's in background? That way it'll be easier - you should though remember what you've had there opened recently, meaning open the pages and do something else then.

  • I checked the history when it just happened, but I saw nothing that shouldn't be there.
    I've now disabled all extensions and plugins. Let's see if it happens again...

  • I've now disabled all extensions and plugins. Let's see if it happens again...

    If it hasn't, then you enable them one at a time and check again. That must find it.