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M2 Command " Page Down "

  • Hello there,

    I know keyboard shortcut to assign command " Page down ".

    I can use this command to use when surfing webpage to scroll down by pressing this key.

    However, in my window tablet PC the screen is not tall in straight, this page down action seems going to far down. How I can modify page down to scroll down just a little ?

    It is like now the page down it scroll a completely full screen down, how to make just half of the screen instead of full screen straight down ?

    Thank you .

  • i don't know about the keyboard, but if you like in windows you can adjust your mouse wheel setting to scroll whatever amount of lines you like. But for a tablet with no mouse I don't know, maybe you can try the extension "scroll to top" which has a "pager" function . Maybe that will scroll the page correctly

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