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Keeps asking about certificate

  • Hi,
    for some reason Opera doesn't seem to remember certificates. Even if I accept the exception, it will ask me again even minutes after again and again, in some cases at best next day. The flag is set to 1 month.

    I recently did a fresh install on a new PC (Win10, Win7 before) and it's still the same. Current version is 31.0.1889.174, but this was happening several major versions ago, maybe even since the transition to webkit.

    Has anyone solve anything like this?
    Thank you

  • Which certificate specifically is it having problems with? Can you provide a link?

  • Same thing for me, I use Opera for local development. My webserver is on a local VM, with local ip Keeps asking, very annoying. It used to work fine in versions < 31.

  • As an example this url https://www.techtek.cz/catalog/view/javascript/jquery/jquery-1.6.1.min.js, yesterday it kept asking me on every other request, similarly for regular urls or images, not that frequently, but still closer to "hourly" than "monthly"

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