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Opera 12.17: Yet another YouTube annoyance

  • YouTube works fine for me in Opera 12.17 with all the workarounds applied, but a new problem has now appeared.
    When I make a comment on a video, the space bar does absolutely nothing!
    All the other keys seem to work fine.
    After a lot of trial and error I found that Ctrl+Space does still put a space in, but it's really annoying!
    Can anyone else confirm this, and is there any workaround for this which presumably is the result of yet another scripting change by Google that has caused a problem for us die-hard Opera Presto users?

  • Interesting. Does it do this if you select the text bot with the keyboard instead of the mouse?

  • I have no issues with the space bar. By the way, I also have a windows 8.1 tablet with a fresh install of 12.17. Youtube works fine without any work-arounds

  • OK, I found the problem! Needless to say it's something that I should have checked in the first place before posting here.
    It's being caused by the YouTube Center extension. If I disable it the space bar function all comes good.
    Why it should suddenly be doing this now I've no idea, as it hasn't updated and has been working fine for a year or two!
    I guess it has been caused by a change at YouTube's end, but it's nothing to do with Opera itself.
    I will report the problem on the YouTube Center forum.
    Sorry to have posted here needlessly, mods please feel free to close and/or delete this thread if you wish.

  • Unfortunately, it does go to illustrate a problem inherent in the entire 'extension' concept. The more independent software products that are involved in correctly putting a site's data up onto your screen, the more possibilities exist that at least one of them won't have their coding properly updated when the site decides to make a significant change in their site code. With web-support features embedded directly into a browser, there is only the browser-website interface to keep updated; with an extension, there exist browser-website, browser-extension, and extension-website interfaces that all have to play nicely together. This becomes an especially acute problem when an extension developer has few resources to keep current, compared with a browser development shop.