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  • Hey,i'm a new user of Opera and i'm a bit clumsy yet...for start,i change browser because google chrome had some serious bugs (especially multimedia ones)and was freezing all the time.Let's cut to the chase(i don't wanna be rude or something but if you wanna know details about my pc requirements or anything else you can always comment) i gone to flags and i change raster threads to 4,i enabled QUIC protocol,simple cache for HTTP,GPU rasterization and i also enabled the Opera Turbo 2 experimental feature.Now,i was a Chrome user for about 4 months and i know these really help around with the perfomance but i'm not sure about the last one.Anyway.Can you please give me some advices you may have for better experience? like things you accidentally discovered but it seemed they help you in the way.As far i'm concerned Opera is better than Google Chrome -even before the tweaks i could watch a high resolution Youtube video without Google Chrome's eternal buffering- but i just don't know what else i can do to achieve maximum speed.Any advices are welcome pleasant!

  • Opera turbo is useful on slow connections (dial up)
    or if you have limited monthly data package (eg. on mobile broadband, saves a lot of traffic)

    other than that, Opera will actually slow down your net speed
    (data goes through O-proxy and being compressed, which obviously must create delays)

  • @vux777

    so i cannot use it if my internet connection is average,right? well i used it a little bit just to check the difference and i notice a huge one(like 60% faster buffering)while i was loading images on google(maybe because Opera Turbo compress the images so that's why)but on Youtube videos it lags a lot..

    so i'm going to disable the flag about opera turbo and unckeck the Opera Turbo on >Settings.Any other advice to speed up?

  • you don't need to mess with the flags (that flag is just for new version of turbo)
    just uncheck it from O menu
    as for Google images, it probably something else that was causing it, because Turbo mode doesn't work on HTTPS sites (g-images is https)

  • i already did those things you mentioned.What i can really do(beside flags)to improve my speed? what have you tried so far and you see improvement? thanks!

  • what have you tried so far and you see improvement? thanks!

    nothing 🙂
    I'm happy with my speed in Opera
    I'm mostly using Opera with my mobile net (20GB per month) and Turbo is very helpful.

  • oh lucky you...hey can i ask something a little irrelevant? how can i make sites which require camera remember my options? for example,i go to Omegle and i press the "enabe camera" but later a box appeared and re-question if i wanna let my camera open.And in every new chat this box appeared.When i go to > Opera > Settings i have the "enable camera" but still omegle asks me every time..why's that?