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  • I want to disable Automatic updates for Opera I want to keep Opera 31 because I do not want to update everytime when a new version is released when Opera works fine for me, and I do not want to see the message "A new version of opera is ready to be installed" I do not want to see that message everytime I star opera how can I disable updates? In opera presto I could choose if I want to install the new version but now everytime I start Opera I see that damn message

  • Yes, you can disable them. Try searching the forums, there have been many posts about it.

  • Incredible isn't it? Opera has been auto-updating in the background for a long time but only now that new version 31 exceptionally required administrative privileges to apply a fix (being the only reason it displayed the message "A new version of opera is ready to be installed" and required your OK), now you're deeply annoyed by it. It's interesting what just a little bit of awareness can do. :rolleyes:

  • Find the shortcut for Opera. In properties and in the target add a space after the ending quote and add ––disable–update Auto update is now turned off. You can confirm this in the opera:about page. Now you can update Opera when you want, but you will have to install the updates manually.

    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Opera\launcher.exe" --disable-update

    @rafaelluik Ah, that makes sense as to why people are asking for this so much recently.

  • I've found it very annoying when Ipera automatically updated and the update would break something on the browser.I'd rather have more control of how it's updated or even if I update.I was even given the option to upgrade to Windows 10 and decided to stay away from it and stick with Windows 7 where I have a choice about updates.I disabled updates in Firefox and update it by installing a new version over the old one so I can roll back if the new version is bugging and gltiching out.

  • I got Opera 27 till that version I cannot update because Opera 28,29 never loads flash items in a page I needed it to work, just Opera 27 loads flash Items correctly so I did not want to update but now I gave the oportunity to Opera 31 but everytime in Opera 27 and 31 is always searching updates and when Opera finds updates it always shows that message when i start Opera, in Opera 27 shows it too so I thinks Opera 28, 29 and 30 shows it too, I do not want to update, in every update Opera fix a problem but it brings another ¡Con un demonio! Please I want to see the option to active and disactive Opera updates for futures releases
    I tried "C:\Program Files (x86)\Opera\launcher.exe" --disable-update but it doesn't work it always shows the windows with the message of update