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Opening opera restarts my modem

  • Well... That issue was maybe with v29, but for sure with v30 and v31.

    Opening Opera restrarts my modem.

    I have a ADSL2+ modem, doing only that, connected to a router/AP which does WIFI AP, DHCP, Routing, etc etc...
    My desktop (win 8.1 pro) is connected to the router via LAN but it doesn't matter if I connect the PC directly on the modem or on the router, the same hapens eitherway!

    So if i start opera after windows starts, or if I start opera some time after it was closed, with my pc open, it does it. Modem restarts... If I close opera, and reopen it soon, lets say 1-5 minutes, everything normal. if opera is closed for some time let's say half an hour and I reopen it, modem restarts again...

    Pinging does not afect, opening or having IE open does not afect, opera 12.17 does not afect, opera next also. I dont have any other browsers installed. Opera 30 from my wifi connected windows 8.1 tablet also does not afect

  • What to the logs on your modem say is happening?

  • nothing, it crashes the moment i open Opera, and the logs are empty (as if i pressed "clear logs"). I just tried having opera beta and IE open, got into the modem log from IE, and started Opera. And of course the modem crashed.
    I didn't visit anything from opera after the restart of the modem for a few minutes, trying to check the logs, then went back to Opera (still open from before, but without having done anything else than opening it) to visit the forum, and again it restarted the moment I hit enter.

    This only happens with Opera stable version, when i open it the first time after I power on my PC, or if i leave it open with no activity and try to visit something (even with IP addresses like my modem or router)

  • So I found that if I disable network adapter and open Opera, then reactivate adapter, it does not restart.

    So It is something when Opera starts, that causes the modem to restart

  • Update.

    Back to opera 30 just for the classic speed dial. ( opera://flags/#experimental-start-page = Disabled)

    That old speed dial is causing my opera to restart my modem somehow.

    I tried everything, and noticed that after clean install, everything was working fine. I made my settings and the restart started again. After resetting each and every setting that I made, one by one, restarting opera every time, I noticed that resetting Experimental Start Page to Default, stopped the problem.

    I changed the setting a couple of time, just to be sure, and now I am sure...

    That was one of the last reasons keeping me to Opera, after the """upgrade""", and now I cannot have it!

  • Just so you know, if a web browser, or any application at all, can cause your modem to crash its at the very least a problem with your modem. No one else here has ever complained about Opera crashing their modem. While Opera may be the trigger that is causing the crash it is never acceptable for a device that shouldn't even care what software you are using to catastrophically fail like that. Imagine if a bridge just collapsed because a certain kind of car drove over it that it shouldn't otherwise have a problem with. I'd try using Opera while connected to another modem and see if it still does it. I doubt it will.

  • I don't disagree with you at all, but as I said, it does, maybe it's the modem, or probably it's the modem, which I am not connected to directly, BUT it does. And it only does when I disable experimental start page...

    So as your example above with the bridge... If it happened, wouldn't you be curious about what triggered that totally unexpected and unimagined behavior??? I do... It is weird. I Know, never said the opposite.

    Again, It happens only with Opera stable, only when i have disabled experimental start page, and only from My LAN connected device.

    Connection is PC => AP/router => Modem

    So it is obvious that something Opera does when starting with old speed dial, triggers the event.

    So it takes two to tango, meaning maybe my modem is indeed faulty, but Opera on the other hand "exploits" its faultiness and makes it crash...

    I know that all these years nobody else have reported this, but you see, there is first time for everything... And as strange as it appears to be, under some situations it did. And I reported it. So there is the situation under which opera CAN restart a modem, maybe I am one of the .00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001%

  • a Grotesque Update.

    After 3 months of using Opera 30, and with experimental start page disabled due to the problems i described above, I decided to update. Auto-update got me from 30.0.1835.125 to 32.0.1948.69

    This time, Opera 32 hit again!

    Everything worked normal, until I decided to open my modem's webpage (, my modem immediately restarted.

    With Opera 30, and experimental start page turned off, my modem restarted every time I launched Opera.
    With Opera 31, I was unable to access ANY web interface by IP (modem, router/AP, LAN disk, Ethernet webcam).
    With Opera 32, my modem restarts every time I visit it's config page.

    Everything worked/works fine from: Opera 30 with experimental page turned on/default, Opera Beta 33, Opera 12.17, IE, Firefox, Chrome.

  • Just as a lark, have you tried the developer build? This is odd enough that you may need to report it as a bug. I'd love to try to replicate it but, alas, I use Linux and it works fine. If you tell me a bit more about your setup then I can likely mirror it in a VM and spin it up and try to replicate it? I still have my MSDN subscription and it's not like it's doing anything. I own a copy of VMWare so it's not like I have to spend money. I can't necessarily recreate your router and DSL box but I can probably come pretty close. 😃

    Pet peeve - MODEM is MOdulate and DEModulate. nods The signal is digital in (A)DSL/Cable/FTTH/FIOS. No modulation of the signal occurs, so - not a modem or MODEM. 😃 (Sorry, it's nearly five in the morning and I'm tired and can't sleep.) However, call it modem if you want - nobody will care, not even me.

  • ...
    Pet peeve - MODEM is MOdulate and DEModulate. nods The signal is digital in (A)DSL/Cable/FTTH/FIOS. No modulation of the signal occurs, so - not a modem or MODEM. ...

    Uhmm, technically it still functions as a modem. In DSL, its output is a tone-modulated, hi-frequency (above 8 KHz) signal, with the modulation comprising the 'digital' aspect. In other words, a '1' is sent as a short burst of a particular hi-frequency signal - not a short 'on' condition of DC or some such. The local switching center demodulates the incoming subsriber signal and converts it to that suitable for Internet communications. On downloading data, the process is reversed with tone-modulated signals being sent to the subscriber's modem. In fibre optics, the process is the same with light frequencies acting as the carrier for the data modulation.

  • Why so it is - I didn't realize it was doing DLM and I've been wrong, again! Hah! Thanks. 😃 (My ego isn't so frail that I can't admit when I'm wrong.) Much appreciated and I can sleep better at night.