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What can you recommend for "fit to width" in Opera 31?

  • Hello everyone

    I notice that Opera 31 no longer has "fit to width", so I assume this functionality must be added using an extension. The previous threads on this topic was in mid-2014, so I'm wondering what are the latest solutions for this problem?

    I've tried Windows Resizer and iZoom. Window Resizer just resizes the window, but does not change whether content fit on the screen. iZoom zooms out on affected pages, which means that if a web site has a bad line in it that doubles the horizontal size, the page will get zoomed out to 50% or more, making the text practically illegible. And, of course, anyone can zoom out with a mouse wheel.

    What other extensions do you know of and can you recommend for this? No, "Opera 12.17" is not an extension, although I do keep it installed for hard-to-get cases.


  • Wow, thats a pretty tiny resolution you are running at. Looks to be 1280x960 on a 4-by-3 monitor and turned on its side no less? Less than 1% of computer users are still using that resolution and you are really reducing the horizontal space by rotating it.

    That said, I don't know of any extensions that do what you want. Zoom should save your setting on any webpage that you use it for, so you should only have to set it once. I use it to increase the size of a number of websites and it saves it even when I close Opera and turn off my PC.

  • Or maybe he has a couple windows he is looking at at the time. Kinda cool if he is using that as his screen resolution, butf he is, why?

  • In the absence of fit to width use control + wheel

  • Lando, I realise that my usage is "uncommon" -- I rarely maximise my windows, and I have less than 1080 horizontal pixels to play with. In extremely urgent cases, when I absolutely positively have to see a full web site e.g. for my work, I'll turn the screen into landscape mode (then: 1920 pixels), but changing screen resolution in Windows 7 isn't an instant action. According to W3, the most common screen resolution is 1366x768, so that's about 300 pixels more than I have.

    Does Opera 31 have something similar to small-screen-view? I don't mind visiting certain sites in "mobile mode", e.g. online forums.

    James, I use my screen for work, and I work on MS Word documents, and documents are typically not in landscape, so it makes more sense to use an 1080x1920 monitor in portrait than in landscape (using it in landscape is like working through a letterbox -- can't see an entire page).