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I don't recognize my Quick Start (Opera 31)

  • Today I switch on my home PC after 15 days of shutt off

    without that I was asked about Opera upgraded herself to version 31

    H E L P

    I'm not more able to navigate between mu large Quick Start page

    near all the icons of the pages were substituted by a single color background with a name

    it is years that I recognize the correct link by the thumbnail of the page and not the name

    so now I'm in great (GREAT, belive me) difficulty to recognize which are the icon corresponding to the link

    I want to visit 😞 😞 😞 😞


    What can I do to see the thumbnails instead of the names of the links ??????????????????



  • I am sorry I can't help you,but I have the same irritation! The links what were saved on speed dial before latest version remain as they were-clearly recognisable,but once you add a new one it comes out like a coloured icon and I am forced to concentrate on guessing what is what and the waste of time is unmeasurable! This change is absolutely illogical,irrational and I'd say even awful! By this Opera has lost it face and charisma! I hope it will be heard by developers and will be taken in account for future versions of Opera!

  • You can edit the speed dial with the heart button. Open the site and click on the heart button.

  • @sunnycloud1758

    Try to turn down the drama a little bit, okay? You can change the icon of an entry on the speed dial or on bookmarks via the heart menu. To do this go to the page who's icon you want to change, click the heart icon to the right of the address bar, and use the left and right arrow buttons to cycle through the icon choices that appear.


    This will be a very very long procedure, I've a really large collection of link on my Quick Start page divided in a lot of sub-pages

    (and when you push the heart button in many cases a long list of thumbnail options appears)

    but seems that it solve the problem



    (I hope the developer will work around to semplify this very long procedure)

    BTW not only the added icons apperar with the new aspect, also a very big quote of the icons present appears that way

  • I have to say after having ready many similar threads to this one, that it would have been a bit more thoughtful on Opera's part if they'd arranged that people's Speed Dials were left as they were on the last upgrade, rather than being reverted to tiles instead of thumbnails.
    Surely they must have realised that some people do want to keep the thumbnails, which they have provided for, but have large numbers of Speed Dial entries that they don't want to have to change back to thumbnails manually individually!

  • I think the issue is that many people were using the old speed dial. Opera has been saying it was going to go away for many releases now and the only way to keep it was by enabling it in flags or being grandfathered in. When they finally did remove it the transfer to the new speed dial was jarring because it didn't save the speed dials for some reason. If you've been using the 'new' speed dial for the last several releases already, because its been the default for awhile, nothing changed.