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Issue with more than 5 tabs in a row

  • hello...i am using opera 31.0 and facing an issue regarding the number of tabs in one row...i have 18 tabs....and it does not fit in one screen...i want to get rid of the scrollbar...hence i want to increase the number of tabs in one row....i have chosen the option of max 10 tabs....but it doest not take more than 5.....Help Appreciated

  • Are you referring to the Speed Dial? With tabs I can have 50+ or 100+ tabs in a row with no problem. Is this for a mobile device?

    If you are referring to Speed Dial take a look at in your opera settings opera://settings/?search=start%20page there is an option to set the maximum number of speed dials in a column. You can also use folders in your speed dial to further sort speed dials if you want. It is not possible to remove the scrollbar from the speed dial at present.

  • If you're referring to the speed dial, you can make the tiles smaller using Ctrl+mousewheel. The maximum number of tiles in a row is 7 (don't know why). The zoom on the speed dial does not affect the zoom of the web page that opens.

  • yes i am referring to speedial dial tabs...i am using it on windows laptop...i hav kept max 10 in settings...but still it doesnt go more than 5....if i keep 6 tabs in a row....there is no need of scroll bar coz all of my 18 tabs would be able to see in 1st screen..cannot understand what can be the was working fine in older version..but wen i upgraded it messed up

  • holy crap!!!....@ugcheleuce....your trick worked....finally a relief....thanks both ugcheleuce and james438...btw there another setting that i cannot the bottom of the screen there is black patch with 5 there any way to disable the patch???....i just want to see my speed dial tabs on my 1st screen as i open the browser

  • there was also an option to hide/show add a site tab which i cannot find.

    1 more....i do not understand why is there an option of show passwords in privacy & security > manage passwords......i mean i like to save my passwords for fast log in but i do not like to reveal it to whoever uses my laptop...and i have seen this is most n mozilla also does the same thing....shouldn't there be a better way of dealing with this???.....Thank You

  • there was also an option to hide/show add a site tab which i cannot find.

    Opera does not currently have that option since the relaunch of the browser.

    shouldn't there be a better way of dealing with this???

    Yes. Guest user accounts for Windows. If someone is sitting in front of your PC and its log into your WIndows account its game over. The time it takes to launch a simple script that would harvest all of that information (when is all unencryped when you log into Windows) is literately seconds. Having your password hidden behind a few *** in Opera does not change that. If someone wanted to steal your passwords and had access to your system they would be gone. Putting them behind an asterisk is a hold over from the pre-internet days when shoulder surfing was considered one of the larger security holes.