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Why does opera refresh page when switching between tabs or after phone lock?

  • I have been using opera (Opera Mobile) on my old galaxy s1 for a while and really like it. I recently upgraded to a galaxy s6 and installed opera. But I am getting very annoyed at the fact that whenever my phone locks or even when I switch between tabs the pages are reloaded making me lose anything I had written on the page or loose anything that had loaded (like flash interfaces).

    Is there any way to retrieve the old behavior I experimented before?

    Thank you for the help!

  • I can answer to you why the pages are reloaded when switching. That happens free memory RAM for some reason.

  • Redraws are to save ram usage,
    How much ram is available after boot or how much ram is used by Samsung touchwiz
    Samsung agressive ram management closing user apps
    Samsung bloat, you may need to disable the pre installed apps you don't use, some people claim upto 80% used.

    Check how much ram the system is using,

  • I have been suffering from this issue for about a year now, initially on a Galaxy S4 and then on an S6. I initially thought the culprit was Samsung's Touchwiz as has been stated in the posts above, however I now believe it is not the case, as I got a Oneplus X a few weeks ago, running very close to stock android, and am facing the exact same issues. Also, after using my Galaxy S6 over many months I have very rarely run into apps other than Opera having this problem. Can the developpers please comment on this issue? Are there any plans for fixing this? Thanks!

  • Optimize RAM access with a cleaner app.

  • I've had better results on all my Androids by using 'developer options' and forcing gpu draw.
    'destroying every activity' sounds like your symptom, which is to do with RAM and memory.