Opera does not react to touchscreen interactions

  • I installed Opera on my Windows 10 tablet. After the installation I opened it and tried to open the menu by clicking in the top left corner but it does not open the menu. I am able to click in the url bar only and I can minimize and close opera. But everything else is not reacting to my touchscreen interactions.

    After restart it sometimes works and everything reacts to my interactions but after a new restart it is not reacting again. It is the same problem like this: http://forums.opera.com/topic/11066/opera-and-touch-screens

    I have installed the latest version.

    It is the same with beta version of opera. I tried it.
    The Edge and IE works fine.

    Can you help me with my problem?

  • So you found my thread with the exact same problem and yet you create a duplicate thread? Why not just +1 mine or post something to say you have the same problem there? o_O

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