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2 different versions of adobe flash player - which one is used?

  • Hi,

    I have noticed in opera:plugins that I have 2 different versions of Flash player enabled - old one ( and the other one being the newest one (18,0,0,209). I have regularly updated my flash player, therefore I have never got a warning that my plugin is out-of-date when opening a youtube video (the flash version, not HTML5). However, when I right click a youtube video, I get a menu and on the bottom it says "About Adobe Flash Player" which sounds to me as if the Opera was using the old version instead of the new one.

    Now when I click "Show details" in opera:plugins and disable Flash v15 leaving only v18 enabled, on the video I get out-of-date warning. When I disable v18 and leave v15 enabled, I get no warning.

    So which version of Flash was Opera actually using? Was I really using out-of-date version? I have checked other browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox) and all of them are running v18,0,0,209 without any warning about it being out-of-date.


  • One version will be the legacy NPAPI plugin, which is one of the old Netscape compatible plugins that are still used by Firefox.
    Chromium based browsers are moving over to a new type of plugin, PPAPI, and support for the older type is being removed very soon.
    If you go to the Windows Control Panel and open the Flash Player applet, it should tell you on the Updates tab which version of each you have installed.
    The is the latest version, the is now very old, and should be updated.
    From what you say I suspect that the PPAPI version is out of date.
    In Opera you should use the PPAPI version, but only if it's the latest. Once you've updated the PPAPI version you could disable the NPAPI version, but as I said it won't be supported for much longer anyway.

  • Thanks for your reply and the clarification!

    Indeed, the is PPAPI and is NPAPI. As I understand it, I have been using all this time dangerous and outdated version 15 of the plugin. However, shouldn't Opera automatically block the plugin and forbid me using it unless I'd update it?