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Lack: Show Dropdown Button In Addressfield - Why?

  • I'm comming back on Opera 12.16 which is older but more better than these new junk goods which is just difficult. If will not return the button for choosen addresses written down and if not return widened options which was in older Opera to me this program is not very usable, although is fast and and great and quickly through page view. Chropera? So perhaps let an Opera come off and a new Chropera will appear, if the new Opera doesen't has almost nothing to do with the older version, favourite version through many. What this is such a program which has such a limited menu of choice of the option, it's just massacre.

  • I'm comming back on Opera 12.16 which is older but more better than these new junk goods

    Good for you. Enjoy the older version but bear in mind that its days are numbered by two considerations: 1) increasing incompatibility with websites since it is no longer being developed; 2) a point at which security updates will no longer be provided. But if that doesn't concern you then... be Opera's guest and enjoy the old browser.

  • I'd love to know where these security updates for Opera 12 are, as far as I know there hasn't been one since July last year!
    Although they've never confirmed this, it does look horribly to me like the Presto Opera versions are already no longer supported.

  • I've never used the dropdown list myself because the address field usually contains more entries than can be picked from comfortably (10-15), and because the arrow was too difficult to aim at. It seems added as an afterthought, as it is too close to the right edge of the text box, too small, and unlike square Windows buttons, has no clear borders. I still feel that an arrow should be on every listbox or combobox to indicate that it can be expanded. That's how it has been for years. We don't press "Down" on every field expending something to happen.

    My mother does make use of the address bar history as a very limited and unsafe bookmarking. I tried to teach her to use the Star button, and placed it immediately to the right on the same toolbar, but she insists on using the dropdown arrow on the URL bar.

  • Whether some developer look through this forum and answering on reported bugs/suggestions? Or this forum is only for users? Because I would like to know what a position is in relation to the button and widened options, whether will appear at the new Opera or have no chance for it.

  • ks86

  • And what that link is mean? Cause I don't understand what about it.

  • And what that link is mean? Cause I don't understand what about it.

    It means what it says. Some features will or may return, others can or may be added via extensions (if possible), the rest may never return at all, even via the use of extensions.

    As for what/when and how (feature-wise), we'll just have to wait and see.

  • So when it is possible to expect some functions which will return? Even if would be supposed to be these are extensions or an access through config that is: opera:config

    Whether will be config like in Opera 12.16?

  • For Opera Classic (Presto) you have 'Opera:config'.

    For Opera Blink you have 'Opera:flags'.