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Bing Image Search is no longer fancy

  • A number of weeks ago Bing Image Search results have become dumb and static in Opera.

    I can only assume that MicroSoft has decided target Opera, because Chrome works fine.

    I'm wondering if there's anything I can do to trick Bing into providing Opera the experience it provides other browsers.

    If it's not clear what I mean, Bing Image search results are organised into a static table 4 columns wide and the the results are paginated instead of loading automatically as you scroll.

  • I found some extension that can change the user-agent for Opera.

    I chose "User-Agent Switcher for Chrome", found on the Chrome Web Store which allows me to change the UA just for Bing.

    I can't believe that Opera users still have to resort to these tricks. I thought things would be different since it switch to WebKit.

  • it's definitely opera's fault and not microsoft's. opera inexplicably doesn't offer support for certain things that the full html5 version of bing utilizes, like mp4 video playback for bing's motion wallpapers, etc, so bing just loads its basic html version when it detects opera as a result. i just recently noticed this myself when popping bing open in safari. truly lame and there's no excuse for it. opera needs to step up their game and support things like mp4 and h.264 video if they really want to stay in the game - otherwise i'm tempted to start looking for another browser again, which is sad, cause opera still outperforms everyone else in most areas. but lack of support for common stuff like mp4 is just lazy.

  • it's definitely opera's fault and not microsoft's.

    It most definitely isn't Opera's fault. Microsoft is simply sniffing browsers and if it doesn't find a browser it likes it defaults to a simpler web page. The fact that you can use a User-Agent Switcher to 'fix' the issue proves that Opera has the ability to display the page and its Microsoft being a turd and filtering it out. As for mp4 and h.264, Opera does support them. It has support h.264 for over 2 years and mp4 for at least 1 year.

    My stupid bank does the same thing. It tells me my browser is 'out of date' and then points me to a list of recommended browsers which don't even list Opera.