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  • This is going to take some preliminary explanation...

    I am a customer of Baen eBooks. If you are unfamiliar with Baen, they are a paper-book publisher who also sell eBooks with no Digital Rights Management. Although other publishing houses claimed that selling eBooks without DRM was a bad idea, today they are #1 in sales of Science Fiction and Fantasy eBooks in the world, and either #2 or #3 in sales of all eBooks (in English, at least). I am, if you hadn't noticed, a fan as well as a customer, They publish their eBooks in HTML, PDF, RTF, Kindle, ePub, Microsoft Reader, and Sony Reader formats.

    I prefer the HTML format because, by far, it is the easiest to read. The reason for this is that, unlike the other formats, the only software you need to read the eBooks is a web browser. While you read the eBook in the browser, you can adjust the Font and text size to suit your preference. Also, there is a built-in bookmark, so that when you close the eBook, the next time you open it,. it returns to exactly where you were reading was when you closed it (this works by using a cookie).

    Each HTML eBook is actually a set of HTML files and image files, all launched by a "parent" HTML file that uses 3 frames. The main frame, which takes up most of the window, holds the text of each chapter and is associated with the "main" file. There is a "banner" frame along the top of the page that simply displays the eBook's title and author which is associated with the "banner" file.. Lastly, there is a frame along the left side of the page that holds links to each of the chapters; that is, when you click on one of the links, the text in the main frame moves immediately to the beginning of that chapter. This frame is associated with the "control" file and targeted on the "main" file. None of the frames are associated with the "parent" file.

    All this cool stuff is provided by a some very clever scripts (Javascript) in the "control" and "main" files (there are none in the "banner" file, but the text content in its frame is dynamically created by the "control" file.

    When you pay for one of Baen's eBooks, also are then allowed to download copies of the eBook, in any or all of the formats supported, to you local hard drive. You also get the ability to, if you choose, go to Baen's website and read the HTML version online. Reading online is useful when you are using a computer other than the one on which you installed your eBook.

    OK, that;s it for the preliminaries; now for the problem.

    When I read one of my eBooks online at Baen's website using Opera, the HTML eBook works just like it's supposed to. But when I try to read my local copy using Opera, none of the scripts in the "control" file of the "main" file are executed. The only thing that shows up in any of those frames is the HTML-controlled text (that is, anything between the <body> and the </body> tags, excluding embedded scripts).

    In Firefox and Internet Explorer my local copies work fine, except in IE I had to go to "Tools --> Internet Options --> Advanced" and select "Allow active content to run in files on My Computer", before it would run.

    Is there some way to get what Microsoft calls "active content" "in files on My Computer" to run in Opera?

    If there isn't, why not?

    If there isn't a way to fix this problem, there is no reason for me to use Opera instead of IE or Firefox.

    I will be grateful for any information I can get.

    Thank you in advance.

    Mike J Nagle

  • Oops.

    I forgot I was dealing with HTML here.

    The tags I was referring to when I mentioned HTML-controlled text were <body> and </body>.

    I used less-than and greater-than characters instead of using HTML entity character codes, so of course they didn't show up in message.



  • You can edit your posts within 30 minutes since you submitted them.

    You only need to click on the cogwheel under your avatar and postcount - you'll see...

  • joshi,

    Oh. I won't make that mistake again.

    Sincere thanks from a newbie for the info.