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no notification about myopera shutdown

  • where i can find my opera blog??????

  • I believe it is Opera's responsibility to notify users on each of its platforms, not just a couple places - that means Opera shou dhave emailed those who used the email account. I used the email account for some storage, but didn't routinely use the other programs. One should not have to obsessively check up on an account in random places, just in case.....!

  • Regika, all my.opera blogs are gone... I'm very sorry, unless someone has saved it for you, there's no way you can find it back. Well maybe you can find parts of your blog by using this site and typing the address of your blog in it. Hopefully the internet archive bot scrawled through your blog and saved parts of it. Best of luck to you. Hugs.

  • Try asking people who moved to . I know some blogs have been saved my.opera former community by but I don't know which ones.

  • I feel the same way. Granted, I haven't been active for a long time. But I had a lot of content on my blog that was rather important to me. All gone.

    And I can also not recall a single eMail notification. Possibly not Opera's fault (outdated eMail address, I can't remember), but it still sucks balls!

  • Use Google's cache to try to get your blog back by going to

    Obviously replace "XXX" with your blog address.

  • Dear Opera I'm very sad to know that My Opera is closed, but with the closer of that all my photos and data stored in My Opera Community has been lost. Can anyone tell my how can I Recover My photos saved in My Opera Community Photos...?

  • where is my blog ... not received any notification .. how I can get my stuff? Did I miss?

  • where is my files gone ................. how i can get my staff??? did i miss those files ?

    please tell me how can i get back my files even for one time its my id

  • They really announced it almost everywhere: there was a banner on each and every MyOpera-website, there were blog posts on each and every official Opera blog and they sent email to your contact addresses. If you didn't keep them up to date, it's your fault not Opera's.
    I agree, that they also should have sent an email to the myopera-address, but that's the only mistake they made.
    If you had actively used MyOpera in the couple of months, you would have noticed!

  • But if a user didn't need to check the website because he trusted it to be held and didn't need to maintain it because all he put was staticc and nothing to be added so it was used like a gallery or showroom etc.?
    We still had an e-mail address known to the company to use it for at least 1 single e-mail! (At least we check it often! - and we do!)
    That would have been enough probably... but it didn't happen.
    that's what I can't call decency!!!