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Recently closed tabs functionality degraded

  • Yes yes... You did it again... Changes after changes, just for the sake of changes. Do you, developers, take into account usage and functionality when you change stuff? Do you take account your users' browsing habits? Do you even EVER research what your user base wants??? After all, a product is good when it satisfies its users, and are the ones making money for you.

    Not everybody uses a browser just to go to facebook. People work on a browser for everyday serious business stuff, with 10ths of open tabs, and a lot forth and back to tabs visited and closed, and a whole bunch of things that you have removed over time (and you call this upgrade). My browser remains open from the time I arrive at work until I leave, and sometimes until the next day, with A LOT of tabs open etc.

    In the main subject!
    Why did you limit recently closed tabs to ONLY 10 ??? No way to workaround, no entry on flags to change this??? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!

    WTF! It's been there for at least 10 years, why did you decided to LIMIT functionality??? Maybe you are getting payed from google to drive your users to another browser??? This is the only reason that I can think of, for the stuff you do...

    And what better functionality gives the "open tabs" under Recently closed ones??? I CAN SEE MY OPEN TABS DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF MY EYES, without having to go to a new menu.


  • If you don't want changes, don't upgrade your browsers. If its doing everything you want as is, why change it? Take your own advice.

    Also, no one cares about your rantings here. The devs don't get out here much so all you are doing is crying to fellow users who have no power to correct the 'problems' you are complaining about. This is a tech support forum for the Windows versions of Opera. If you want to make a suggestion use the Suggestion Box forum. And maybe tone it down if you do. Catch more flies with honey and all that.

  • My dear friend, changes are inevitable because everything else changes around us... Your suggestion to not upgrade is kind of invalid... Yes, I do want new security features and compatibility with the todays standards, hence the updating ;).

    Removing/changing (well established) features is another thing from upgrading and updating, don't confuse them...
    Another thing to put a new engine, and a totally different thing to change the hood of a car 😉

    Changes are welcome and well expected, but i think you get the point of my post better than you express your answer.

    Thanks for pointing me out where I should write, I will do so!