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Help, Where's the Link of Webpage I'm On

  • Why does Coast for my IPAD make it impossible (or near so) to see the link of the web page I'm on? I am interested in that.

    When I try to send an email, Coast cites the main website page in the email, but I'm an article into the website. I want a more specific link. That main website is changing all the time. And I want to see where I am in the website. (Maybe the page I'm on has something like Flash I can't open in Coast, so I want to copy the link into a Flash enabled browser like Puffin or Photon.

    i was able to do that in earlier versions of Coast. I can't see how to find the link here, so as to copy it. In that sense Coast is not user friendly. If it's there, and I have no idea if it is. Please make it easy for me to find, to see, and to copy the link.

    If it's not there, the browser is unusable for me.

  • Hi,

    Open recent sites and the page information pane:

    When the "email cites the main website", I think the link is actually for the article even if the text doesn't say so, can you please test it by sending an email to yourself? 🙂

    Hope that helps.

  • Yes, @Aexremen. thank you. I got confused with that letter symbol. 🙂 When I sent the link to a friend, I worried that the link was only to the main page of the website (and that changes by the hour at that site). (Ha, perhaps it would be better to show the full link and not worry people there, though in this case I worried too easily) (and I will admit, showing the shorter main link is less cluttered for the page). I've been looking at Coast again, because i've always enjoyed the beautiful setup-ambiance of the browser. And still enjoy it! Between Coast and Ipad mini, Opera has distinctive products, and, in my opinion, is doing quite well in the mobile market.