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  • Well, I definitaly don't like the bookmarks system that Opera has right now. The one that was on Opera 12 was way better.
    At the same time, the express-panel bookmarks and bookmarks panel quite good. So we, have 3 types of bookmarks right now.

    So, what would I basically like to see in the next Opera versions.

    1. Please, return the Opera 12th system of main bookmarks catalogue. That was so friendly in terms of navigation and edit. The one we have now really, really isn't. That was a good experiment, thought. And you can use some things from it. The main good thing is the opportunity to switch between text-type and graphic-type of bookmarks view. More about it I'll say in 4 paragraph.

    2. Totally separate all 3 types of bookmarks. But make it easier to move it from one type to another (right click => move bookmark). Not only to express panel, what we have right now. And when you add new bookmark by ctrl+d or relevant button, you can have a better choice, where to save it (catalogue, panel or express-panel - and in which folder as well). And to undo that by just clicking on the "heart" again.

    3. Make the fast way to see bookmarks catalogue. You can make it right near the recently closed pages or downloads, or near the "start page" button on the left side. And in that menu you don't need anything exept the bookmarks from catalogue. No bookmarks from express-panel, no bookmarks from panel. No trash can. Nothing unnecessary. All this you can edit from the full bookmarks menu (where you can go by clicking "bookmarks" in the lower part of main browser page.

    4. There a lot of things what you can change for better in the full bookmarks menu.
      4.1. Get rid of trash! You don't need the "Unsorted bookmarks" and "My folders" buttons. Make the "Bookmarks" text in upper part clickable => so user would see the main folder with folders and unsorted bookmarks. Under of right of that button you can also make switcher "show folders".
      4.2. Lift the trash can over "my shared bookmarks" and etc. And maybe collect "my shared bookmarks", "express panel", "bookmarks panel" etc in something like "My other bookmarks". Move all of this (with trash can) to the bottom.
      4.3. Let the people to see the folders in the folders. And the next ones. The way it was in Opera 12 or in Windows File Explorer. It is really useful. Really.
      4.4. Make it easy to move bookmarks from folder to folder of subfolder, or sub-sub-subfolder. The way it was in Opera 12 🙂
      4.5. Save the design. It looks really nice. As well as bookmarks search engine and the function to switch from text type of view to graphic one.

    Well, that's all, I suppose. I really want to see that in next versions of Opera. If I want, maybe I will thing to change the browser, because now I really miss the useful bookmarks catalogue. And it is one of the primary browser functions for me.

    I hope, you will find this feedback useful and bring it to live.
    Thank you anyway. I really like the Opera browser and really don't want to change it. That's why I also want to thank you for all the years I'm using Opera. Thanks 🙂

  • Just updated Opera Dev. I see, some things I said above are in it already. That's really cool. But now you also can see, that it is really expected 🙂 But what thing I don't like - you killed the space between bookmark folders and "my shared bookmarks". It looks worse. And, again, I really would like to see it somewhere else, maybe in special folder for all of it's kind (with bookmarks panel and express panel).