Opera for android 30 password problem

  • since yesterday opera began to hang. after starting the application had to wait about 20 - 30 seconds to be loaded speed dial page (I have written 30 pages). I decided to delete the data browsing, history and cookies. And here the problem starts. After entry into settings and select options http://www.mediafire.com/view/ll4v72g45n1mu9c/problem.png all my passwords are gone...

    And that dont help for hanging of opera on start. I must enter in my tab settings in applications in opera and clear all data of app.

    So please fix that password problem and that hanging on start

  • today it happend again and i must delete all data.

  • Hi @samuraj-jones,

    Sorry to hear about your issues. We are working on improving password management. We will make an announcement in the forums when we got a solution for this.

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