60% of time can't get ISP server to load my email account.

  • I have a Opera version 30.0.1835.88 as a Web browser. I switched my ISP recently to CenturyLink. My problem of not being able to load my email account with Comcast.net was nil using Opera as the browser. If I use Window's "Explorer" as the browser, it will load centurylink.net with no problem. Using Opera as the browser would lock into a cycle of "Waiting for centurylink.net to respond" forever! My prefer to use Opera's interface for "favorite website" recognition. When trying to obtain "Help" from CenturyLink, they had posted that they do not support or give assistance for Opera as a web browser. Wonder why! Unless I can receive some help on how to resolve this issue, read the next paragraph.

    I may have switch to Ubuntu which is a Linux type Operating System. It is more hacker proof, won't require constant Update Security loads on my HD and it supports Opera as a web browser.

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