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Problems with links after a recent update

  • Hey there,

    After the second most recent update (not the recent one introducing the night mode but the one previous) I have started having several problems with links using the Opera Mini browser on my Ipad.

    When I hold my finger on a link it brings up the context menu as you would expect.

    The first of my problems is here. Some of the time when I do this, the context menu does not have the option to open the link in a new tab. I will have only the options Open / Add to Reading List / Copy as opposed to the usual Open in New Tab / Share / Copy Address / Copy Text.

    The second problem is if I am on a page with multiple different links that I am trying to open in new tabs, often opening a second link will just load the target of the first link again.

    So say for example I had a website with links to google, bing, and yahoo on it and I wanted to open new tabs with all 3 of those websites. First I hold down the link to google, select open in new tab, and it opens as you would expect. Then I move on to Bing and hold down the link, select open in new tab, and it opens google. Same thing occurs when I try and open yahoo, it will again just open google.

    If either of these two issues occur generally I can get it working again by randomly scrolling the screen around and clicking around the screen. I can confirm that this issue does not occur on any other browser I use on the ipad, it is exclusive to the Opera Mini browser, and I never had the problem prior to that update.

    Thank you very much for any assistance anyone is able to provide. This issue is quite disruptive to my browsing experience and is quite a shame because otherwise the opera mini browser is by far the best IOS browser I have experienced.

  • If you type "opera:config" (no quotes, of course) as the address, there's a list of options. One of them is "fold linklists" (or it's in my version, anyway). In some versions of Mini, setting it to off has fixed some weird - and apparently unrelated - issues for me, including wrong links and bad anchors.

    No idea if it'll fix this one, but it's a benign setting.


  • Heya,

    Thanks for the suggestion.

    Unfortunately, this did not resolve my problem. 😞

    I did discover however that the issue does not appear to occur in Mini data saving mode. This mode however is not able to properly load a number of pages that are important to my usage though so just staying in mini mode is not viable.

    The issue persists in both Turbo or off settings.

  • It seems that this is an intermittent issue that happens while the page is still being loaded - in that case you will sometimes see the default link context menu. If you wait a little bit more until the page is fully loaded you should see the "correct" context menu, with "Open in New Tab" on top.

    But it's just a workaround. I guess we'll have to investigate this problem and make the context menu work as expected in all conditions.