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Opera Unresponsive After Docking/Undocking

  • I'm running Opera on a Thinkpad (T530) with native resolution 1920x1080, and I dock with a setup including a 1920x1200 resolution monitor. I do not know whether the resolutions are significant here, but I list them anyway because I feel as though it might play some part. I'm running Win 7 Pro.

    Sometimes, after docking/undocking, Opera becomes unresponsive, which I usually notice because it does not appear when I click on the taskbar icon. Sometimes I can kill it by right clicking and selecting close, twice, other times I have to use Process Explorer to kill the root process. Luckily, 95% of the time tabs are remembered, but occasionally the "kill" must have been more drastic and Opera has reopened without any tabs.

    This problem has existed for many versions, and it seemed like the sort of thing which would be fixed without me needing to make a specific post, but the fact that it has not leads me to believe that perhaps it is not as common as I suspected. Recently, I have been experimenting with the Vivaldi browser and it has exactly the same problem, suggesting that it is an issue with Chromium. I have not tried using Chrome extensively, but occasionally I have it open and I have never noticed it suffering from this problem.

    Has anyone else who uses a laptop which is frequently docked/undocked suffered from this problem? How about anyone who does not dock, but who has a setup which changes resolution for some reason? Other Thinkpad owners?

  • Since I have found exactly the same issue with Vivaldi, I have made a similar post over there:

  • Is there any way that I can gather some information that might help diagnose this? Perhaps there is a debug mode or some log files that I could grab?

  • Hmmm, it is rather disappointing not even to have found confirmation of this happening on others' computers. Does anyone else here run a Thinkpad which they dock and undock and not suffer from the problem?

  • If there is some Thinkpad gathering on the Web, you might think of dropping in there then...

  • Given the growing history of Lenovo docking station issues experienced by various users, you might try checking with Lenovo support ( ) to see if they have any suggestions. They have issued a number of driver updates in the past to deal with a variety of monitor, USB-related, etc issues that seem to involve functions and software hanging or becoming non-responsive upon undocking/re-docking. There may be a potential compatibility/handshaking problem between the docking station software and the chromium software that leads to an inability at times of the Thinkpad to communicate with the browser software when docking is interrupted.

  • Thanks for the replies. In the end I started using Chrome for a while and confirmed that the problem does, indeed, also affect that browser. Then, a quick search revealed that the problem is fairly well documented!

    It seems that the transition between the two GPUs on my laptop (nVidia for docked, Intel for undocked) is suspected to be the culprit. A work around is to go to opera://flags and set "Enable GPU rasterization." to Disabled.

  • @hopk1ns that one worked for me thanks