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Can't find save session option

  • Hi, I must be blind, but I simply cannot locate the option to save sessions. I am using 32.0 for the mac. My browser language is in Finnish unfortunately.

  • I mean 30.0.

  • Saving sessions is not an option currently, but you can get this functionality by installing an extension.

  • FWIW, When I have a need to save sessions, I just use Operas functionality to create them.

    Basically I save all the tabs to Speed Dial, then open a Bookmarks window, select my new entry and edit it to give a name.
    Then I change the Speed Dial view to a list format.
    In my Bookmarks bar I added a new folder called SESSIONS (can add subfolders if you like)
    Then it is only a matter of dragging the Speed Dial grouping to the Sessions folder or subfolder in the Bookmark Bar.

    Not exactly a 1-click process but for the few times I need it, I don't mind the procedure and I prefer my sessions in the Bookmarks bar. Just looks cleaner to me.

    I also moved my old sessions from v12.17 but don't recall exactly what I did but think it was dragging the tabs from the old version to the new and saving the group to the Speed Dial

  • I just installed Opera 32, moving up from v. 12.16. I miss the built-in Sessions function, which was one of the great features of Opera.

    I ended up doing pretty much as rjb suggests. Something like sessions are still present, in the form of tab folders in Speed Dial. (Right-click in Tab Bar and select Save tabs as Speed Dial folder.) After creating a Sessions folder in Bookmarks - My Folders, I find I can move these saved tab folders from Speed Dial into it, approximating the old Sessions capability.

    When I updated, I chose to import my sessions from v. 12 along with bookmarks. They came in OK as folders, which could then also be dragged to my Sessions folder.

    I haven't figured out the Bookmarks Bar yet, and I may end up moving the Sessions folder there, as you say. If this home-grown system is working well enough, I don't feel the need to look at tab/session manager extensions; but I'll keep them in mind (thanks, luetage).

  • luetage said :

    Saving sessions is not an option currently, but you can get this functionality by installing an extension.



    Naming these extensions as "session manager" is a fraud, a cheat, a swindle, an embezzlement !!!!

    These extensions only store the current address of each tab and LOSSES the HISTORY of each TAB.

    A session is NOT a collection of bookmarks.

    A session IS the collection of the HISTORY of each TAB.

    These extensions do not what they promise !!!
    These extensions are pale counterfeits, forgeries, piracies !!!

  • @realtimedevelopper
    the only fraud, piracy, forgery (...and all other epic words you used)
    is your nickname.
    Because, you obviously don't have a basic clues about the things you trolling (not to mention hiding behind one-time poster)

    btw. for addons page, it's so cool that you posted comment at Friday evening (when Opera staff is off for the weekend), after your previous comments were deleted
    you shouldn't be that much obsessed with your complexes