Always ask to save password

  • The Opera ask to save password everytime after logged in some website like facebook.
    Even I selected never save the password.

    My device:LG G3
    OS: Android 5.0.1
    Opera version: 30.0.1856.92967

  • Perhaps it's possible that you've used a cleaning program that removes the files where the information about on which sites Opera shouldn't save passwords is?

  • The same happens to me...and I am not using any cleaning apps.
    Everytime I enter for example a forum page (opera forum incl) and have been logging in still opens NOT LOGGED IN. Very annoying and I thought Opera would have fixed this by now.
    Now it annoys me so much that I uses other browsers when I need to enter forumpages...Imagine how embarrassing ...entering Opera forum and need to use Sleipnir browser...:-(

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