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  • Opera is now based on Chromium and Blink engine just like Chrome. Chrome comes built in with Android phones. It also now has compression technology and a working sync feature. It is made by Google who just not is a bigger company but also makes Android. Now, I used Opera Mobile for more than 7 years and other Opera products for even more. But I don't understand what is the use Opera Mobile browser now. Does Opera Mobile have some features which are better than Chrome? Why should we use Opera Mobile for Android over Chrome for Android?

  • I wonder this as well. I first started using Opera because of all the useful features and the customisability (I still use Opera 12 as my main browser), but the new one seems to be a version of chrome with fewer features and fewer people working on it. Why did they change? Or more importantly, why haven't they added their old features to the new chrome-based version?

    Oh, and no content blocker? That was the best bit...

  • Saying it has no use compared to Chrome would be very short-sighted.

    Chrome has working sync while Opera doesn't (for now), and classic bookmarks, but here's what Opera has over Chrome:

    • Customizable Speed Dial, add which and how many pages you want with support for drag and drop folders.
    • Text wrap setting (to disable FontBoosting and make line breaks when you zoom).
    • Layout configuration: you can set the navigation bar at the bottom (Classic) so the controls and tab-switching stay at your fingertips. Chrome's tab-switching and controls are in the most awkward positions I could have ever imagine. In Opera 20+ you're able to pick the tablet layout (with desktop-like tab bar) over the default one.
    • Long-press back button for current tab's history.
    • Full history readily available via left swipe in the start / new tab page or via shortcut in the menu.
    • Multiple search engines in the address/search box.
    • Persistent User-Agent setting (Chrome resets it for every tab AFAIK).
    • Media/links (music, videos) downloader.
    • Save pages for off-line.
    • Etc...

    There's no sign Opera will enable non-standardized development tools like NaCl so if you're an open web standards supporter you're also going to appreciate that.

  • Well it's interesting however Opera APPARENTLY renders pages better than Chrome. Has proper font sizes, Chrome doesn't.
    Opera has proper txt reflow as well, Chrome doesn't.

    Plus the UI is so much better on Opera.

    Chrome is more stable but that's the only reason why Opera was problematic for me.
    And also, Opera allows DESKTOP mode by default for each tab. In Chrome one has to set it each time which is cr...p.

  • New Opera is good enough for me except the absence of classical bookmark and stored pages managers... Both speed dial and bookmarks could be available easily, additional code size would be negligible.

  • In my relatively recent experience (November 2012 or so), Chrome is a nasty resource hog. Over 25 mb for the app alone on my Galaxy S2, and over 150 MB on my desktop. My Galaxy S2 was the T-Mobile variant. Every time I tried to run chrome, my phone would completely choke and I would have to force close. Did not have that problem with the lighter versions of Opera, and somewhat limited issues with the full version of Opera.

    On December 1, I left a major gripe about Chrome. I have absolutely resided to use it since. Even though it is still installed on my desktop computer, I have also resided to use it there. I just haven't had the time to export my bookmarks yet.

  • In my relatively recent experience (November 2012 or so)
    In internet times, that's not recent, that's ages ago.

  • Chrome was terrible. Long time ago. But recently it's actually very good. They improved it in the last 6 months.

  • Opera best browser batter than chrome. i have long time use opera 12.1 version.

  • Text reflow is the only reason I bear with Opera. Opera cannot launch websites in their respective apps (eg. Tapatalk or YouTube). Even text select is hell.

  • Opera best browser batter than chrome. i have long time use opera 12.1 version. thanks you

  • I prefer the old Opera (12.16) to the new Chromium-based Opera. It remains my favourite on Linux & Windows. Android's "Boat Browser" comes closest to Opera 12.x - if you install the poorly performing ad-blocker and file-saver.

    All internet browsers on all platforms need add-ons. Mine are:

    1. translation - [translat]
    2. page scroll - [scroll]
    3. pdf (display, save) - [pdf]
    4. youtube (save, pause, preview) - [youtube]l
    5. restore text - only in Opera.
    6. wikipedia (clean) - [wikipedia]

    English is my only language, which I know very well, so I don't need dictionary, etc. I don't play games, etc ... on my computers, but others that I administer do need games, dictionaries, etc.

    The 5th option above is needed in the old (Opera 12.x) because it crashes so much. There are strong reasons why many web-sites try to be compatible with old Microsoft Internet Explorer, so crash HTML5-optimized browsers like Opera 12.x AFAIK., etc
    All the first feve options can be found in Opera 12.x, with the search term: "page".
    On all browsers, whatever platform, the search term is [...] in the list above.
    Only Opera 12.x has unusual, unique qualities not in any other browser on operating system:
    a) it remembers the file-saved-format used, unless I change it.
    b) it remembers the save-folder I'm using, regardless of how I'm saving the file. In Youtube, I often save a html, mht, mp3 and mp4 file from the one web address. Other browsers fail this easy task.

    Firefox is better than it used to be, but only Opera and Microsoft's Internet Explorer allow ulra-fast saving of the MHT format, without add-ons. Only rational people need MHT format. Children don't consider the web to have anything besides instant eye-candy.

    Opera 12.x is retaining its popularity in the Communist anti-fun nations. Since the childish third-worlders are the expanding internet world, childish browsers, lacking power, flexibility, etc ...are now being demanded by these noobs. So games, eye-candy, etc are being demanded by the app-creators. This means an easier, coder-friendly foundation to the browser. Hence the popularity of Google's open-source Chromium engine. This is the engine of the new browsers, AFAIK.

    My opinions, conclusions might be wrong. What do you think?

    Chief Information Officer Retired, 1984. Australian Capital Territory