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  • To all vertical tabs extension developers: Actually you can add tab stacks in the sidebar. Just look how it works in Opera 12:

    It would be very useful.

  • We can, but we don't have a way to preserve it after restart. Tabs ids are not permanent and after restart are randomly assigned. If Opera devs implement tabs stacking, then we will be able to use native stacks, which will be permanent. But it's only IF they implement it. Maybe someone more intelligent than me can think of a way to do it differently?
    Here is one extension that does it, and you can check for yourself, that after restart all tabs are "flattened" out to one level.

  • @kroppy:

    We can, but we don't have a way to preserve it after restart

    You can use local storage and assign a "stack" or "group" to every url, and save it when the user closes the browser.

  • Ok, I kinda cloned the idea from "Tab Sidebar" extension with groups.
    I'm relying on urls, but it causes tabs with identical url, jumping from one group to the first group where that url is found, that is why it would be hell with all tabs subtree, which would get really messy after every browser restart. Anyway it took me months to get this far, try it and use it if you like it.
    Maybe some day I will try to make tree view, but not anytime soon.

  • I found a solution (a bit experimental now) to store permanent tabId, so having that I have started working on stacked tabs, to all interested, please vote, would you like to have standard tabs stacking like in in gustavwiz's image above, or folders tree with names and colors. Please tell me your opinion. I have to know in which direction I should go before moving forward. 😃

  • Here is a little preview with folders, it's already working with all drag and drop:
    <blockquote class="imgur-embed-pub" lang="en" data-id="wQxnEk8">View post on</blockquote><script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script>

    But I still have to know if people prefer just classical tabs stacking without folders.
    The difference is that when I go with folders I don't want to go with tabs children route, just plain tabs and folders like in bookmarks.