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  • Hello! I want to know if I reinstall Opera (uninstall and install again) will my bookmarks removed too?
    I want to do that because some advertisement made page called mainpage.info to run automatically after every open of Opera so if there is a sollution to remove this page without reinstalling browser it will be better :)

  • If it's adware, it's most likely not in your browser stuff. Or anyway.
    I can't find it now, it's been advised a few times on such issues - to sweep your system thoroughly and additionally, use some online service(s) to undertake a more specialised sweep.
    Others advised on somehow adjusting your launch command - I'm an idiot. It was said though you wouldn't see that thing on your browser while the bug might likely to remain on your system still.

    So first, make a thorough sweep with what you have.
    Then I guess, others'll come tell you more, meanwhile...:)

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