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Unable to sign into opera link

  • "Unable to connect. Please review your network settings"

    I have a very large amount of bookmarks and I desperately need to save them.

    Opera Mobile/Classic Version 12.10

    Please help, I have used Opera as my primary browser for over 4 years and it would be a shame to leave it because of something as silly as this, there is no export option, no ability to access bookmarks on your device, and the only way is the sync with Opera Link which is no longer supported but it still states that it is usable. I can sign into Opera link on my PC but on none of my android devices.

  • Switch the user agent mobile-desktop. Also try with or without Turbo mode enabled. For me only one v of opera12 has a functional turbo and even in this case feels deprecated.

  • Pathetic this browser is, leaving it. Always issues that I have grinned and bared.

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