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After BSOD, Windows (XP) made me use Check disc,it deleted Index.ini & I lost my Opera Lables & tree

  • 3 days back, I booted my ancient pc as usual, it booted fine & I opened Opera to retrieve my emails. this it did as usual. After reading 1 or 2 messages, BSOD came up for half a second and I had to reboot the pc. I did this and went to open Opera again and a pop up said I had to do a Disc Check. It went through the process and deleted Index.ini (I had no choice) and then Windows started, I opened Opera and to my horror, 4 years of carefully labelled and filed emails disappeared. I thought I had lost the database completely but it was at the bottom and 1000s of emails are now mixed together. I can search through them but it is not accurate (& I can't remember all the titles I gave the labels)
    I tried to do a windows System Restore & there wasn't a restore point prior to the problem, this makes me cranky.
    Apart from spending the next year or two relabeling each email, doe anyone know how I can store my emails offline on a flash drive or other so that I cannot lose them again & have them in order?
    Thank you

  • Try using a free undelete program to see if there is a recoverable copy of index.ini on your drive.
    It may well not be fully up to date, but may well be better than nothing!
    I use "Undelete Plus", but others are available.
    Sorry to be wise after the event, but this is a prime example why you should always backup your system regularly.

  • This is a prime example of why e-mail clients are every day less relevant compared to web-mail (or at least use IMAP).

  • IMAP is OK but I don't trust web mail to retain my stuff. I use POP3 with Thunderbird. I automatically back up my Thunderbird profile every three days while retaining my mail messages on the server for 21 days.

    To lose any of my email would require two simultaneous points of failure, my disk and the server on the web.