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Rearranging extensions' buttons on the Toolbar

  • I'd love the option to rearrange extensions' buttons on the toolbar (maybe even sync the arrangements).

    I use Opera (Next) on all my computers. An extension such as 'Save to Pocket', or µblock or disconnect - all extensions whose buttons I regularly click - are in different positions and orders across devices.

    This is very annoying as I've always been used to having µblock as the first extension on the toolbar, but on my desktop that's where the Pocket extension is. So I've been adding a lot of pages to my Pocket by accident.

  • The appear in the order in which they are installed. There might be an extension that allows you to rearrange them but I don't know one off the top of my head.

  • Chrome currently allows you to rearrange extension icons. It'd be nice if Opera finally offered the same functionality.

    In fact, the placing of extensions which sometimes require an icon click (like LastPass, SimpleUndoRecents, Session Buddy, Flash Video Downloader, Video downloader professional, Click&Clean, uBlock Origin and HTTPS everywhere, just to name a few) can be pretty important.

    Instead of always having to hunt through a jumbled mess of disorganized icons to find the one you're looking for, the ability to rearrange icons allows you to know where and how each extension can be accessed at all times.

    Anyway, even if the trend in browsers development is less user customization rather than more, that doesn't mean locked toolbars are a useful feature (or even a good idea in the first place).

    Just because devs thinks it's nifty from a user interface standpoint (at the time of a clean install), that doesn't mean it improves the actual user experience.

    In reality, toolbars that lock users out of customization are nothing more than the ultimate golden turds of browser development, which is something that becomes a lot more noticeable the moment you start adding the very extensions you'll need to rearrange

    The locked toolbar, which "looked pretty to start with", eventually turns into an ugly mish-mash of randomly placed buttons.

    As it stands, the only way to currently re-organize a fubar'd Opera toolbar is to either waste time uninstalling, reinstalling and then reconfiguring ALL your extensions every time you install a new one, or to be clairvoyant enough to know which extensions you'll eventually end up using for the rest of the browser's lifetime.

    Of course, the latter doesn't work for extensions that haven't even been developed yet. Such is the brilliant idiocy of completely barring users from even just rearranging the placement of icons. It's effectively a top down "F-U" from the people who develop browsers to those that actually use them.

    I honestly thought (and hoped) the browser market started moving past this more than a decade ago.

    The fact that even Chrome backtracked a little is evidence of how terrible the entire notion of "fixed icons" is.

  • TL;DR.

    There are extensions that allow you to move the icons around. You might try one of them and see if it works for you. It may also be coming to Opera at a later date but its not a top priority. Also, you can set extensions to not appear on your bar in Opera, if you so wish. Its handy for ones that you don't need to click on that much and reduces clutter.

  • Yeah, I got Shuffle Extension Toolbar working by replacing the entire Preferences file since editing the existing one wasn't working anymore.

    Still, I'd rather not have to close and reopen 150+ tabs just to move an icon over a few spaces every time I download a new extension.