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Opera mobile reloading tabs after switching tabs and apps

  • Running galaxy s6 (3gig of ram)
    Opera mobile
    Android 5.0.2
    I need to be able to switch pages AND apps without a Web page reloading on me. I am copying Info from pages and apps into a webform for work and lose everything whenever I go away from the form.
    There used to be this fix
    "1) start opera mobile 2) in the web address field type about:config 3) in the search field on the now open page type refresh 4) uncheck "client refresh" and "client refresh to same location" 5) click on "save" 6) close opera mobile and - just to be sure - restart the phone to clear all caches."

    Typing "about:config" just brings me to about:blank

    I'm coming up snakeyes from every other browser. here's hoping for 7 or 11 with opera

  • If it's reloading when you switch back to a tab (without explicitly having closed the browser) what you're seeing is low memory pressure and Android automatically killing off processes. It does sound a bit strange that you wouldn't be able to keep a couple of tabs and a few apps active on a S6 though... sounds like there is some app or service using up a lot of memory. I'd suggest checking memory usage and try to identify the culprit.

  • Of course blame users because you dont make mistakes...

  • Almost embarrassed to see such a respond from a representative of Opera???
    Such a childish answer especially when the user has a Samsung Galaxy S6.
    I have the exact same problems and so do A LOT of users commenting on Playstore.
    Swithing tabs makes them reload and it started with version 30, and I have 790Mb of FREE RAM on my phone so PLEASE don't blame the users.

  • I thought it was standard that everyone had this... it not refreshing the page though, it just reloads it from cache.

  • Horribly annoying

  • Notice how I ignored the first reply... there has to be a way!
    Yeah it is reloading from the cache, but the cache doesn't save my entered info. Even pc's from 15 years ago could hold multiple (read 10-20) explorer windows without having to refresh anything. And they had 256mb of ram.

  • i only get this problem after watching a few youtube videos in a row, i've probably run out of my 2GB of memory

  • are the sites where you lose form data secured sites ? that would explain at least why that part is happening for you OP...

  • I'm having the same problem with my Galaxy S6 as well. It used to happen too on my Galaxy S4 previously, although not as frequently. The most anoying is when trying to switch back to Opera when offline, the page is briefly displayed for a fraction of a second, then Opera tries to reload it and loses the content since there is no connection...

  • The same happens for me. Also galaxy S6. The interesting thing is, that other browsers, like UC browser, doesn't need to refresh, even if you close the browser for hours.
    Redraw is the reason why I was switching to another browser.

  • On my Xperia Z3 happening too... 😕

  • I have k3 note. Autostart eabled. No any restrictions to opera. It reloads tabs even with 1.3gb of free ram.

  • I have seen this on all kinds of devices.

    1 More and more apps start when the phone boots
    2 to stay in memory apps declare themselves a service
    3 Every app uses Graphics memory too
    4 You might have enough RAM but are out of Graphics memory

    It's like windows 98 with only able to display 65535 graphical things

    You probably have high graphics resolution devices.

    I really think it's out of Graphics memory, not RAM

    Android it's memory handling is like a desktop opening all programs you installed and killing of randomly an application.

  • I noticed constant redrawing and network reloading when going from chrome on Android 4.4 to 5.0. I haven't tested older releases of chrome on 5.0 to be sure, though.

  • I noticed constant redrawing and network reloading when going from chrome on Android 4.4 to 5.0. this happened on going from one tab to another and then switching back to the originally open tab. I haven't tested older releases of chrome on 5.0 to be sure, though.

    Also if you have Facebook installed, use version 7.0 or use Facebook lite. It's blocked in the app store in some countries, so you may have to use a mirror site.

  • On my Xperia Z3 happening too...

    You mean with latest beta version? This behavior is expected.

  • I'm hooked to Opera last time because of the tabs can hold the page even for many days without reloading itself... will reload...referesh...each tab again and again

    Please make the tab stays...

  • That depends on cache size too. Currently running Opera 37 beta (old UI) on (low memory) Android 4.4 the cache size is about 70MB and after that doesn't have a 'readable' location instead could be erased very fast.