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  • @sgunhouse Thanks for the suggestions. Appreciated. I covered some items with blackbird71.

    I use WIN 8.1 with M$ stock standard Windows firewall & Windows defender which is updated a couple of times/day. If I knew which Extension was a cause I'd disable it in a flash (no pun intended).

    The most likely suspects would be Ad Block Plus which tells me it's not blocking any ads on this forum or Privacy Badger which isn't blocking any tracking cookies on the forum site. I don't have a problem with the forum.

    I have disabled both when trying to run with a later version of Opera/Ff or Chrome. That didn't solve the JS problem. I'm guessing but it looks to me like a Chromium problem, which fails in all three of the browsers I've tried, with the JS script error. Excluding Opera V29.0.1795.60 which I'm using at present & doesn't suffer the JS error problem.. I'm clutching at straws !

  • Firefox uses Gecko, as far as I know.

  • Thanks joshi, I'd totally forgotten Ff uses the Gecko engine.

    Therefore, since Mozilla (Gecko) & Google (Chromium) are probably not swapping code, it immediately reinforces the probability, it is an extension. I had previously shut them all down & reloaded one by one, but was unable to pin point any one of them as the problem. I'll re-install & redo each extension isolation tests again.

  • @blackbird71
    Thanks for your comments & observations. Appreciated.
    I don't recall including IE in my previous messages. IE doesn't seem to suffer from this error. It may but since I dislike IE, I rarely use it.
    However, I believe Chrome, Opera and Firefox all use, or base most of their code on Chromium source code. Maybe most of it, I've no way of knowing. I've tried all three. The JS problem occurred on & after Opera V30. All later Chrome & Firefox as they were updated, also failed with the same error message. ... I'm still running Opera 29.0.1795.60 which doesn't suffer this problem. I've also used the same Extensions with each browser update. The problem (error) is I believe an IFrame problem. ... I don't know if the Opera forum (this site) uses IFrames. The forum site runs OK, so I'm assuming it doesn't ? I've installed every release of all three browsers, since Opera V29.0.1795.60, using the same Extensions, & the problem persistently occurs in all three. ...

    Your reference to also having the JS problem in IE and Firefox was contained in your third post in this thread, 5th paragraph, within the parentheses. In reality, Firefox and IE use completely different engines from Chrome/Opera and from each other. It is a highly significant detail whether or not different browser engines exhibit the same problems on a computer, just as it is significant whether all or only a few websites cause a particular problem with a given browser. Because Opera and Chrome share so much genetic material in their engines, a JS problem in both those browsers but NOT also occurring in FF and IE would point at some kind of incompatibility between the Chrome/Opera engines and the website coding, perhaps even involving Iframes in some obscure way as you suggest. However, because FF and IE use such different browser engines from Chrome/Opera, it's hard to readily envision how simply installing a 'problematic' new Opera version would similarly impact Firefox (and IE?) behavior.

  • @ozhuntsman, our last posts crossed in-transit. Extensions indeed are a potential cause of problems, in part because they're maintained by 3rd parties, not by the browser developers themselves. Hence a browser update can corrupt some of the details of how a given extension intimately operates with the browser, at least until the extension developers can update their own code. The question remains, however, how an extension in one browser product can interfere with actions in another browser brand of different design. This raises a clarity question: when FF exhibits the same JS errors as an Opera version above 29, was Opera running at the same time (even in the background)?

  • Thanks for reminding me. Might have been a slip of the tongue (so to speak). I do remember using IE after Chrome & Opera failed & it also failed. It has now Auto updated to IE V11 & runs AOK.

    Just checked ADPlus.It's not blocking any ads. Privacy Badger has indicated 6 suspicious tracking cookies, but I haven't allowed it to block any. Normally I'd block all of them because it's my PC & I'll decide what does or does not run..

    I'll redo the chrome browser debugging, to see if anything has changed with the latest chrome update. Maybe it works now.
    I know the last Opera updates were a problem. I tried them & reverted to the last V29 version. I prefer Opera which is why I'm trying to resolve the JS bug, so I can let it update..

  • @blackbird71, Didn't see your last post until I'd just sent mine. I had to leave the screen.

    I've stopped using Firefox. The setup is a maze of options. It's confusing & my last attempt to use it was causing me angst ! I just want a browser that works without jumping thru so many hoops & problems.

    I'm going to try Chrome's latest which I haven't yet installed.

    Just noticed I said ADPlus in my previous post which is the Ad Block Plus extension. It's not blocking any ads in the forum.
    Privacy Badge has found another tracking cookie (total 7). Six are unblocked & it's blocking I'm glad it is. Another nosy Google tracker. The forum is still running AOK with no JS errors.

  • Over past months, I've observed a small number of postings here that have claimed various kinds of unexplained interactions between Chrome and Opera when installed on the same system. If accurate, these claims would imply that the similarity of browser engines and their associated installation changes to the registry could lead to OS confusion (and hence, interaction), especially if some kind of imperfection has occurred during one or the other install processes - and particularly if those imperfections survive an uninstall/reinstall cycle as sometimes happens. However, an interaction between Chrome/Opera and Firefox (or IE) would represent an entirely different animal, since their registry installations are significantly different from each other and potential interactions ought to be far less likely.

    This is why, if the problem recurs, it is important to capture the scope of the problem. That is, does the problem show up at the same website in a non-Opera browser (particularly FF or IE)? If so, does it recur at the same site in the other browser (especially FF or IE) with Opera still on, and if so, does it then clear if Opera is turned off? If the problem remains, with Opera still off, does the problem on the other browser clear after reloading the problematic website. If the problem continues, with Opera still off, does the problem recur even after the alternate browser is itself restarted and the site revisited? The idea is to isolate the level and kind of functional interaction during the problem.

    FYI, I wouldn't completely clear extensions from a role in the problem by simply 'disabling' them using a setting, especially extensions that intentionally block parts of a website's code - even its calls to ad servers. Complete uninstallation of the extension is the only thing that guarantees full removal of any extension-related impact on a browser's own code and functionality.

  • Thanks blackbird71 for the very helpful suggestions.
    It's going to be a time consuming process, but since I have no choice & the Chromium forum has been no help, I have no choice. Since IE V11 is now running ok & Firefox is a pain to use, I'll uninstall the later, & debug running Opera, or Chrome & uninstall the Extensions as you have suggestion.

    I have to virtually restart the debug process all over again. It's been so long since I last did it ! especially now IE V11 runs OK ?

    I will report the outcome, after I've repeated the Extension checks. Thanks again

  • An update to my last & for anyone following this conversation..

    I had to run the diag Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM) to correct an M$ stuff up which caused the System File Checker (SFC) to fail with multiple file errors. After DISM corrected the Win Update problems with SFC, it ran OK with no file errors reported.

  • The latest Chrome update Version 45.0.2454.93 m as fixed this problem. Haven't checked the latest Opera & don't intend to ! Spent enough time trying to find a solution. Two browsers now work..Chrome's latest and IE V11.