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[Opera 12.17, 64-bit] Freezes when opening particular reddit post

  • Tried it without extensions, cookies, JavaScript and plug-ins and it still freezes. My only way out it to shut Opera down manually. OS is Win 7.

    Reddit post:

    Any old Opera vets still around to help me root out the prob?

    Is working fine on the rest of the site. I am thinking it's maybe a special character somewhere or faulty page code which other browsers don't mind but our last true Opera can't handle. I'm also suspicious of the comment half page down containing text inside a box with a horizontal scroll bar.
    I hope it's a 5-10 min job tops for you guys to pinpoint it, I wouldn't dare ask for more. If anything you could confirm or refute the issue so I would have something to work with. Thanks.

  • Not seeing a problem there on Windows.

    I thought it might be related to ad blocking, but disabling that didn't make a difference.

  • Installed 32-bit version, imported everything of significance. No freeze anymore. So that's that.

    If you can be bothered I'd still like to hear what was causing the problem. That's a pretty please with sugar on top too. I hate loose ends.

    @rseiler - that is a 64-bit you were using?

    Going to give it another shoot by re-installing the x64 ver. Will check back tomorrow, this is not what I had planned this evening 😞
    Thanks for giving a hand my Opera comrade.

  • A ha, no, I glossed right over that part and barely even recall now that Opera had a 64-bit version. I expect I would have been using it back then though if it was viable, so there must have been some catch with it. You might have found one.

  • It's onepostaccount. Mistakenly cleansed chrome cookies while cleaning registry entries of Opera before I re-install it again. So sign-in info was gone, I forgot PW and my temp-mail was gone too, hihi.

    Anyways, I had a stroke of luck to pinpoint the problem really fast so I decided to write back real quick:
    opera:config#UserPrefs|EnableHardwareAcceleration was set to 1

    Default value is 0. 32 or 64 bit, doesn't matter (link works in both versions now). Somewhere down the line I changed it for a good reason. Why it backfired now, on this reddit post that looks the same as any other I have seen... I don't have any illusion of ever finding out.
    What I know is: laptop I use has shitty OEM drivers which I have no easy way of updating (switchable intel+amd graphic). Coupling that with, from what I remember, not so good Opera 12 support for HW acceleration, this problem could be unique to my case.

    I'll keep my eyes peeled on this topic for about a week if anything comes up, but for now that's all folks.

    Perhaps a Mod can add [solved] tag to the title cause I locked myself out from previous account.

  • Good. I've tried HW acceleration a couple times over the years and have always had to turn back, I think because some pages would look way off with it enabled.

  • @onepostaccount
    Try to delele (clear)

    • Cache
    • Cookies (submitted by the
    • Install Scriptweeder extension and try to disable certain scripts for the